Friday, August 29, 2014

House Fixing, House Selling, School Planning, Hyperventilating (7qt)

So. We're thinking of selling the house unseen.  Not the blog or the domain name but the actual house.  I know!  I know.  But a little more land, a little less dirt road. A second bathroom...those would all be nice things.  Especially that last one when you've got six kids and are tryin'a homeschool and people are fighting in the hallway about who needs to pee more urgently.

So the big girls and I are in "super duper fix random things we've been putting off fixing for one reason or another" mode this week. Up to and including painting furniture, apparently.  I seriously smh at myself sometimes you guys.

It was, like, 84 degrees that day.  Fleece vest time, obvi.

Said: Put on some painting clothes. Heard: Pajama time!

p.s. My kids are weird.


School starts on Tuesday?  I guess?  Maybe I can organize my learnin' thoughts and blog at the same time by boring you with some curric choices.

NB: Katy 8th grade ;  Lizzy 7th grade ; Paul 2nd grade ; Cecilia PK4 (or whatever you wanna call it)

Life of Fred mostly.  Paul is in the middle of Dogs (with a 2nd grade workbook for facts practice), Lizzy will be starting Pre-Algebra, and Katy is chomping at the bit to get going on Advanced Algebra.  Cecilia has the MCP kindergarten math book which we will only do when she demands it of me.

Language Arts:
K & L 1) will be studying 6 classic works throughout the year and doing a sort of unit study/book club thing with them.  This is a work in progress.  Hey, I've still got...days to figure it out.  2) We'll continue with our poetry memorization and recitation. 3) and once weekly we'll work out of Winston grammar
Paul has some CHC 2nd grade LA materials like the speller and the grammar book.  We'll do read alouds as well- me reading to him, him reading to me.
Cecilia has already started Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons but only because she insisted over the summer that she must learn how to read this very instant.

This will be happening at our co-op and for that can I get a wut wut?  For the bigs, this from CHC.  For Paul, Classically Catholic Memory.

Pause!  HVAC guy is here!  Vamos a la basement!  Viva insane ideas!

Okay, what other subjects are there?  Um....

We're going to continue with Story of the World and be careful and discussiony-like when it comes to the Reformation bits.  We also have Old World And America and A Little History of the World.  Combine these with Paul's co-op CCM and the big girls' monthly saint research projects and we'll be fine.  No one is even in high school yet.

Paul- I haven't decided if we're going to homeschool prep for FHC or if he'll be going to our parish's CCD classes.  They're going to be doing the second level of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd for his age group, and I'm really excited about that, but I'm not excited about having an obligation until 8 p.m. on Wednesday nights for the whole school year.  Don't forget he's also doing CCM at co-op, so....we'll see.

K & L- monthly saint research projects (these are very unit study-y, so they cover a lot of ground for us) + Fr. Robert Barron's Catholicism series.  And, you know, going to Mass and having our elaborate late night discussions, especially in the winter.  Those are my fave.

 Paul: TBD  Let's not get too crazy.  And don't forget CCM. CCM all the things!

K: Latin with Dr. Ron Muller at our co-op; a music history and theory virtual class; piano practice; Mark Kistler's Draw Squad; Performing in the HPA production of A Little Princess.

L: Spanish via virtual class; Piano practice; one hour of a middle school CCM class at our co-op; Art history via virtual class; Performin in the HPA Kids fall production.

C  and P will both be using handwriting books from Handwriting without Tears.  Letters and Numbers for Me for Cecilia (I also used this book with Paul), and Printing Power for Paul. 

K&L will continue to practice their cursive when they copy their poetry.

CCM & The Complete National Geographic DVD set

I'll spare you a seventh take after all that rambling.  Thanks for letting me bore you with all that so I could check "organize school stuff for a few seconds" off today's list.

Love y'all.

I need to take more pics of The Bat (Chombat the Wombat) but until then, I leave you with this preciousness.

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  1. Do you teach evolution in the science unit? What is the Catholic church's stance on that?

    1. In a nutshell the Catholic Church teaches that we are free to believe either of the predominant theories (creationism/evolution) since God is surely the active agent in both. But, we must believe that we (humans) do indeed all come from one mother and one father (no polygenism). Hope that helps!

  2. Ah! Katy made it into HPA! Congrats!! Welcome to the never ending world of HPA-ness!!

  3. I'm in the "fix and paint all things because husband is prolly getting a job offer in a week or so after months of waiting and then you'll have to do it all by yourself before you can be with him again" mode right now. Fix house, sell house, buy house, start homeschooling in new house (?!?), miss husband because he leaves before all of that starts, and stay sane--those are my current goals in life. Painting cabinets, laundry room, master bedroom and a chest of drawers all at the same time right now. Like literally...all in various states of started-but-not-done right this minute. Blargh!! :) but pics of your charming-but-conflicted prince(ss) made all the things better.

  4. How exciting! Are you staying in the same community?
    Does the Wombat need baby socks? I have a gallon bag full of 12-24 month baby socks. Holler, and I'll send them your way.

  5. I totally hear you on the perils on of only one bathroom. We only have 4 kids but 1 bathroom is hard, because everyone's bladder seems to need emptying at the same time.

  6. ACK! I'm SO glad to hear I'm not the only insane person around here. Seriously. We're starting homeschooling again officially on Tuesday (although, technically, I never really stopped over the summer), AND we're moving out on Monday, hopefully selling our house in the next couple of weeks, AND looking for a new home in the meantime. I'm suddenly super glad I took a late lunch break to look at my fave. blogs!

  7. All of my pajamas have paint stains on them. Makes perfect sense to me… because nobody is going to see them!

  8. I was just thinking as we're starting our school year (and I realized all the chauffeuring I'll be doing) that maybe homeschooling would be worth it just so I can stay home more (lazy much?) and then I read this and laughed at myself. Sounds like you'll be doing plenty of driving yourself, but so awesome that your area has great opportunities for your kids!

  9. Yanno, if you're overwhelmed, you can just gimmethatbabee and I'll kiss him up while you make people smart.

    1. ^^^that's Briana up there in her justamouse costume.

  10. Ohh how exciting...are you guys planning to stay in the same town?

  11. I know you have to weigh it all, but CGS is THE best Frist Eucharist prep in my view...I'm sure when my brood reaches near the size of yours (if, please, God willing!) everything will be a little more relativized - but I just think that is so special and powerful.

    And, you are a rock star juggling holy Catholic momma. Go you.

  12. So grateful for your post! I've been in procrastinate/panic mode for some reason this year... somehow feeling that I'm already February-burned-out in August... thinking I just need some "inspiration" and "organization", and everyone I've seen blogging about homeschooling seems to just have little kids--not big kids like mine--so they're not terribly "inspiring" to me and they're often way "too organized" for me to copy. The daily worksheets, work boxes, and such won't work for us as we do a classical curriculum with portfolios and big projects... and we stop and start year-round so we don't fit neatly into a grade package deal. I appreciate that you also have two girls about the same age as ours, who are using almost the same exact books, and you're about as laid back and last-minute as we are about the formalities of education. Hello, company! Love you, Misery =)

  13. I purchased CCM for my son with the intention of doing it in a co-op setting. It ended up dissolving. Hoping that we are able to just do it here at home...but we are starting week 4 of homeschooling with 3 kids (#4 due in 4 weeks) under the age of may just get put on the back burner until late fall. I will be interested to hear how well you and Paul like CCM.

  14. Fun fun! Isn't planning a new school year the best part? Keeping everyone on task... not so much.
    Have you looked at CHC's FHC prep? I did it with both of my girls and loved it. Of course, it's a little artsy-craftsy so they liked making their own prayer books, but I do plan to use it for my son when he's in 2nd next year.
    God bless your school year!

  15. ...oh my goshy-gosh-gosherson. That is A LOT. Holy smokes I never for a milli-second thought about homeschooling according to subjects. Wow. Umm...i should start planning like, yesterday...our oldest is only 3.5 but you're like teenage mutant ninja turtle kow-a-bunga with all that. Hats off to you. I'm going have a hard cider


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