Monday, August 18, 2014

Back to School Money Savers

I guess the seven days straight of blogging didn't reboot my blogging mojo after all, huh?  Hello!  Welcome!  Long time no see!

First, my not so tiny tiny one is ten weeks old.  Ten!  Sigh.  What an adorable, fabulous baby he is. Ogle:

I just really, really, really, really love my kids.  So much.  Wow.

Okay, second order of biz-niss: saving of the moolahs.

Uno) I just got this email from ThredUp saying that you can get $20 (instead of the regular $10!) off your first order if you use this referral link from little ol' me. What's that you say?  You already have a ThredUp account?  Well- no tears, no fears, because you can go shop through ebates and get 7.5% cashback on all your purchases from now on.  So much with the cheapness.

Dos) What else, what else....oh!  If you live near Meijer stores, you've got to sign up for mPerks.  I don't get a referral bonus for telling you this, but I DID just get $0.20 per gallon on my most recent tank of gas because of them and it was su-weet.  They've got lots of "buy this much, get this much cash back" specials going on right now, too.  School supplies wut wut.

Tres) Also, I just found Katy's math books for 50% off retail price by shopping on Ebay.  Ordered them, like, five seconds ago and they are already here.  Mucho happy-oso.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand I think I'm spent.

First day of school in t-minus 14 days.

Hold me.

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  1. I think Meijer is run by the same peeps as Fred Meyer out here in Oregon (at least, they both seem to be Kroger affiliates), and Fred Meyer has a fabulous gasoline program similar. I've saved up to 40 cents a gallon before. YES!

    1. Oh, and much more importantly, your kids are adorable. That baby…give him some extra lovin' and kisses and squeezles for all of us readers, mmmkay thx.

  2. 10 weeks?!? Wasn't he just born yesterday? And, he looks as awake and bright-eyed as my 5-month-old! What a sweetie :)

  3. Your kids. So much with the adorableness-ment-hood-itude. I don't know how they manage it.

  4. mPerks. Such a wonderful invention. My favorite part is that it tracks how much money I've saved all year. My husband looks more kindly on grocery shopping when I show him that number :)


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