Friday, August 08, 2014

Lip synchs, not lip synchs, the coop y mas (7qt)

What's a seven day blogging streak without a little 7qt? Nothing, I say. Nothing!

Most of y'all have probably already heard of Happy Saints (totally adorable, no?) but maybe you haven't seen the alphabet card and poster project he's launching this year.  You should see it!  And since he's already met the crowdfunding goal, you won't even feel guilty if you can't order a set right now.  Clicky aqui, pronto.

Anyway, I'm in love.  That is all.

You know what else I'm in love with?  The Internet.  YESTERDAY Bonnie started this fundraiser to get Kelly's son a wheelchair that he can use on the beach.  And YESTERDAY the fundraising goal was exceeded.  In less than 24 hours, you guys.  Isn't that amazing?  So instead of telling you to contribute, I'm here to tell you that Kelly has challenged us all to a lip synch battle and you should pick and song and play along and I'm a poet and didn't know it.

How can you resist?  Listen.  Kelly.  The minute I find a suitable song that I know by heart, you are goin' down.

73% of my panic yesterday can be attributed to me not being able to decide what to do about our history curriculum in September.  Like the good masochist that I am, I basically switch things up every year because surprise!  Different!  Don't get bored!  Forgive me, children.

Finally I've decided to stick with with Story of the World volume 2 despite the bias in there, and use the particularly blatant chapters as an illustration of the fact that all authors approach their subject matter with a certain worldview already in place.  Then we'll read some alternate chapters, which you can find all put together on a handy dandy little list right here (that woman deserves some serious dove chocolate for making those pdfs and giving them to us for free.  Dude.)

I've gotta give you a mild language warning on this video, but it is so worth it.  Just fun and funny and sweet and entertaining.  And short!  Short is good.

My friend Meghan took photos at our parish's annual feast day celebration resulting in 6 out of 8 Borobias appearing in the photo montage. It was like family Where's Waldo? when they put the pics up.  Because we are dorks.

Hey, did I ever show you the finished chicken coop? 

that baby pool went from being a brooder to being a miniature duck pond. my poor kids.
Oh, and, I found this knob on an abandoned cabinet door in the barn.  Don't mind if I do snazzy up the door to the run...

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes about hiking fails, questions about DC, the smells of the Bible, and the best baby photobomb ever
Buen endo del weeko, amigos!

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  1. lol! love the little door knob on the chicken coop. Those ladies are living in STYLE!

  2. I just finished watching Kelly's video and biffed over here to gently encourage ... well, INSIST that you make one right away. But I see you've beat me to it. Brilliant.

  3. BRING IT BORBIA! I would have been heartbroken it you didn't play along.
    I also use SOTW 2 and just substitute for certain chapters. I've learned NOT to have the husband chime in with his opinions during history time as that results in a college level lecture on certain things even above my head.

  4. Fanciest door knob on a chicken coop ever.

  5. The doorknob is the perfect accessory! Lucky chickens :)

  6. The knob though. So fan say! Coop, there it is!

  7. Oh the video of MB and Sam was fantastic. Thanks for posting. If you do the lip sync it will undoubtably be epic. Waiting on pins and needles...

  8. When I did SOTW vol 2 with my older kids a few years ago, my daughter made the comment, "how could people read this and not be Catholic??". Even though it is written with a Protestant bias, when it is read from a Catholic viewpoint, there's no problem.

  9. Can't get excited about a poster that doesn't have St. Anthony of Padua as the "A" saint.

  10. Love the coop. You should really check out BiblioPlan for history, if not this year then maybe next. I've been homeschooling for 13 years and this it's the best history curriculum I've ever found. Flexible, fun, lots of literature, not to expensive and it covers world history in every time period. Love, love, love it. Julia sells it at, small family owned business, and she has a great blog and a pretty cool little boy, Aaron.


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