Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Dat Baptism in 10 Pics

I'm trying to do one of those "7 posts in 7 days" things to get myself back in the bloggin' groove.  Consider this your warning.

p.s. It's not really 7 a.m. right now.  No.  It's 12:04 a.m. and the baby just went to sleep and earlier tonight Paul got sick all of a sudden and  now I'm all "somehow he got ebola!  I can't go to bed because I have to check on him every six minutes!" Of course.  Aren't you so excited to be reading the blog of an insane person?

Hey, you know what I never showed you?  Pics from the baby's baptism which was, like, an entire month ago.  I think I had visions of getting a good shot of him in the tres chic lacy baptismal "garment", maybe after the fact, but if it hasn't happened yet (nope, definitely not) then it's just not gonna happen ever.  Onward!
Snazzy pic, right?  Lizzy took this.  She should market it to Our Sunday Visitor or something.

Note the back of the head right there.  That's Lizzy, taking a photo of the exact same moment, which you can see....

...right here!  It's like that movie Inception or something.  Or I imagine it is since, you know, I haven't actually seen that movie.

This one is chillin' as the profile pic on our parish's fb page.  JC's head is basically famous!

NB: Mary with holy water bottle in her mouth; Cecilia with packet of gum in her mouth; Paul...just...Paul

Aaaaaaand then back to doing what they do best.  Hashtag two year olds, man.

Cakes are really, really, REALLY hard to make.  Next time a bakery charges you a bunch of money for one, just hand over the cash and say "Thank you, thank you, thank you that I didn't have to do this!"

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  1. These pictures are AWESOME! So, so sweet. Your family is adorable, that is all.

  2. "She's goin' to church." - my 2-year-old, upon looking at these pictures. Guess we're doing something right?

    Congrats to your newest little Catholic!

  3. Lizzy is an excellent photographer! I love all these pictures!

  4. I love all the pics, especially youR beautiful smile!

  5. Great pictures. And thanks for peer-pressuring me into posting all week.

  6. Great pictures! This is super random, but I love the little shell "ladle" (probably definitely not the proper term here) that was used! Congratulations to the little man :)

  7. You have a beautiful family. Lots of love and blessings all there together. JoAnn

  8. What a beautiful family! I love all the pictures!
    Many blessings!

  9. Beautiful pictures! All of them! Especially love the one of your whole fam! Love!

  10. Oh so sweet! Congratulations to little JC! And I think you might have a future photographer on your hands.. beautiful pictures!

  11. Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing!
    Hope Paul is feeling better soon.

  12. Holy moly! You just reminded me that I need to redress my son in his First Communion suit and try to get a fantabulous shot over at church sometime...since his FHC was a month ago and I, well...life happened. (You are not alone! ) And the cake? Yup! I paid bookie bucks to say, thank you! I didn't have to do that. Love the photos...especially with all the littles doing their littles thing. (Oh. And the ebola comment...LOL)

  13. Great photos, and Lizzy is a great photographer!

  14. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for posting!


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