Thursday, August 07, 2014

Panic. Time.

It is absolutely...

Hold on while I take my watch off. When I take my watch off, you KNOW it's time to write.

Ahem.  It is absolutely no accident that today's Theme Thursday theme is panic.

Because homeschooling.

Ain't nobody gonna make me a supply list but me.  Ain't nobody gonna decide which subjects and which electives and which extracurricular activities we're gonna to be doing but me.  Ain't nobody gonna scroll through the Catholic curriculum swap facebook group, madly searching "Life of Fred Advanced Algebra" and "Classically Catholic Memory Alpha Year" every 27 minutes (with no luck yet, btw.  Dagnabit.) but me.

Also, did I tell you the part about how we're thinking about maybe getting our house ready to possibly sell?  Yes, I thought coinciding that with having a newborn...

Remember that I have a newborn?  Super relaxationville!

So I thought probably coinciding the potential sale of our home with the beginning of a new school year and the care of a brand new baby who cannot yet be entertained with toys or non-breastmilk snacks would be a fantabulous idea and "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah....FREAK OUT!"

Somehow this pajamafied child appears unfazed by the havoc I've created around him. The calendar falling off the wall adds a ne sais quoi.  What a calm, peaceful learning environment we've got up in here.
 AND, naturally, I'm only interested in purchasing homes we can't afford so instead of scrapping the idea altogether, I'm like "I could probably figure out a way to make $500 a month.  I mean, how hard could it be?"  And Tommy's like "you should write a book."  And I'm like "I'm disappointed that you've taken up a crack smoking habit because a) what? and b) ain't nobody not named John Grishom makes $500 a month from writing a dang book, m'kay?  You just come on over and join me in the real world, sweetheart."

And meal planning.

So my brain, it's hopping from one thing to another like a small bug (my brain truly feels quite small and buglike at the moment) leaping from one hot pan to another trying not to burn its tiny bug feet.  I'm not sure how the bug got on the stove or why there are multiple hot pans all on there at the same time, or how the bug is smart enough to leap to another pan but not smart enough to exit the stove vicinity entirely, but clearly the real point is that I can't get a single good thing accomplished and omygoshsendwine.

You know what I need?  A fourth bookcase.  The three we've got, despite the enormous size of the white one, are just not cuttin' it anymore.  The stacks and the piles and the boxes...just...there's too much.  Of all the things.  There is just too much life happening right now and we've got less than four weeks before we get this school year show on the road and obviously if we could just get a new bookcase all my problems and concerns and light fixtures that need to be installed in order to make the house less scary to potential buyers would *poof* disappear.  All gone.  Adios.

Tomorrow we shall go to that antique store and there we will find a bookcase.

Join in with all the other panicking panickers over at ye olde Clan

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  1. Ha! Crack habit! I hear ya. I have eight in homeschool this year so I am feeling the heat.

  2. I love these journeys through your brain. Luckily for you, they just make me chuckle instead of run away screaming.

  3. Dwija, you just dedicated an entire paragraph to... what was that... a bug on a stove?
    Dang, gurl, you got this!

  4. Love your mind and pray for you often. I seriously often think "Dwija is doing way more than you are and laughing her way through find your sense of humor and move on woman!" Thank you for continuing to provide me with reminders of how important humor is to sanity and parenting. My children thank you, too!

  5. Okay, I have the solution....don't start homeschooling in 4 weeks...start it in, say, November! Cause house selling + homeschooling + newborn sounds like a good way to buy yourself a ticket to the loony bin! Or at least it would be for me, haha!

    And yes, you always need more bookshelves. I mean, who doesn't? We have 6+ bookshelves and are already planning 3 more because my husband is laid off now and so his books all came home to live with us.....and they are very rude houseguests! I mean, the books are all over the basement, and they're theology books so they don't even make sense. Space-stealing, nonsensical houseguests. Yep.

    So yes, buy a cheap bookshelf, start homeschooling late, and good luck with that $500/month magical book deal, haha!

  6. I would totally buy your memoir if you, say, decided to write about your childhood as a HK, and your conversion story, and all that wonderfulness that has made you the beautiful woman, wife, and mother that you are. I'm a convert too, and have a huge soft spot for conversion stories. I'm just saying, I bet I'm not the only one who would purchase a Dwija memoir....

  7. I feel ya. I timed (read: didn't time) the arrival of baby #5 with the beginning of the school year. Yay! Nothing impossible about that! My oldest is only in 1st grade so I think we may start school in October instead of September. These last few weeks of pregnancy + getting together books for school + every day life = I totally get your little bug analogy! I feel like my brain just can't sit still and I don't even have a potential move thrown in the mix.

    Oddly enough, a bug totally did fall (how???? I don't know) onto my stove the other day. Not in a pan, but right smack in the middle of the two burners I was using. It was hot. It died a horrible, agonizing death. Not to be a downer or anything.

    Prayers for you, Dwija!!

  8. Dunno if this would help, but Cuz that's where I go every time I want to buy a book or video. It finds the cheapest deal among like 30 online sellers. Good stuff.

  9. BUT at least there aren't any snakes living in your house this year, right? I really think you could make house showing/buying/selling the focus of your homeschool year and just skip books. Everyone learn how to install a light fixture! Science! Everybody clean like crazy so we can show the house! Family and Consumer Science! Calculate mortgage rates! Math! Research the history of the houses we're looking at! History!

  10. I think you should take half a year off. Seriously.. Everyone will be fine.

  11. Ooh my gosh if you write a book i will read it immediately. I don't care what it's about. But i hope it's about bugs leaping from hot plate to hot plate.

  12. HA I know people that write books...and it ends up COSTING them more money than they make off the sales....which is kind of ironic. On the plus side you are having these freak outs in August about school stuff verses September!

  13. Down here in Atlanta, my sophomore has already gone back to school. As of today. I'm starting my 4th and 6th grader on Monday. I spent a panicked couple of hours WHILE ON VACATION scrambling to order books a few weeks ago. And then yesterday making lesson plans. BECAUSE WE'RE STARTING ON MONDAY! All while trying to accumulate "stuff" and pack it for my boy who's heading off to college NEXT WEEK. Next WEEK!!!! Gah!

  14. I was stressing recently because I had too much on my plate, and too much unknown, and too much that I couldn't figure out. I'm learning when that happens that I just have to turn it over to God. If there is something he needs me to do to sort the whole mess out, he will let me know. If not, I'm going to leave it in his capable hands. I hope things get less overwhelming for you soon.

  15. Hi. Lar. Ri. Ous. And True. The picture of Pauly smiling with the calendar falling off the wall: Love it. Praying for you, dearest Dwija!


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