Friday, October 24, 2014

Questions, baby, sugar beets (7qt)

I have exactly 21 minutes to write this post. How lame is it if I ask you a bunch of questions?  Like....oh, here goes: have you ever installed a new kitchen in a house?  If so, talk to me about the cabinets you chose.  We used Lowe's in-stock cabinets in our last place because that was about the level that the house warranted.

You know what I mean.  You don't want to spend more than what the market will bear once you try to sell and all that.  But this house is a little more something.  So I'd like the cabinets to be a little more something.  But not a LOT more something.  Because we'll only have a few of the somethings we need, namely: money.

So I'm wondering about Ready To Assemble cabinets that are wood instead of particle board.  Or ordering cabinets online.  Or....what?  Give me your kitchen wisdom!

Picture time.

The poor thing.  So unloved.

Do you have a favorite product for hardwood floors?  We've got quarter sawn eastern pine from way back in the olden days in the original living room and sitting room (now our library/school room) and they are in need of some T to the L to the C.

More pictures!

Every time I upload photos, the Amazon prime that's streaming to keep certain small people from demanding things of me stops working and starts buffering.  I'm simultaneously super entertained and strangely anxious about the whole thing.  "Please don't ask me for help...please don't ask me for help..." #goodmom

 Oh, so if you're on IG, you saw that picture I posted the other day of the mystery root vegetable.  We were all pretty sure they were parsnips, with a couple of turnip votes thrown in because of the greens.  Well guess what?
shown next to full-sized scissors for scale.
Sugar beets!  They're sugar beets and they are delicious.  I've also been cooking the greens, treating them like swiss chard or spinach and wow.  Yummers.  We've got rows and rows and rows of these bad boys and a root cellar calling their name.

Last picture!

 3 minutes to spare.  Conga line.
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  1. sugar beets are delish roasted with a little olive oil and Herbs de Provence. so yummo!

  2. Your love for baby thighs rivals my sister-in-laws. I don't know who wins but it always makes me giggle!!!

  3. If this is a duplicate - delete it! When I "published" it, I had to sign in to google, then it seemed to be gone. Maybe you have to approve comments first. Not sure. But, here goes again, just in case my comment disappeared into cyberspace! When we did our kitchen 9 years ago we ended up with a custom cabinet maker doing them. RED OAK - NO particle board. It was cheaper than the cheap stuff at Menards and we could do whatever we wanted with our linear footage, so there was no trying to figure out what to do with the last 3" after buying all the individual pieces. We did get a discount as our "contractor" was my father-in-law, so we got a little off full price, but it still would have been the same or less than the mid-grade Menards stuff. And no particle board. Did I mention that?? See if you can find a custom cabinet guy and check out their stuff. I never would have thought we could have done this had dad not told us to go there. If that doesn't work, my second thought is to find an Amish outlet type store, if there are any in your area. A friend of mine got her cabinets pretty cheap and they look very nice, though some of the parts ARE particle board. Just a thought. Good luck!!

  4. That you have a pair of hand cuffs in your photos of the boys just cracks me up. Just sayin. :D

    1. Those handcuffs are one of Paul's most prized possessions. He even takes them to bed with him!

  5. I sell and design kitchens. I'd buy local and go outside of the box stores. Box stores have a lot of overhead and usually you can get a good quality product for less elsewhere.
    Don't hesitate to tell your designer your budget. So often I have to pry it out of people or I do one quote and they don't come back and give me feedback. A local showroom with multiple cabinet lines is your best bet. They will have several lines that CAN fit your budget. If you go to a custom cabinet maker, often they just build and sell their own line and it costs more than a manufactured one through a shop with multiple lines.
    They have some pretty awesome laminates now that give you the look of granite - choose one of those or something with color and texture. It will hide the scratches and wear over time, or any "oops's

  6. Those rolls!!!! I wish I looked that good with rolls!!!

  7. 1. those baby legs are to die for!
    2. this garden of suprise veggies is basically my dream
    3. i swear by Rejuvenate for our old hardwood floors...really brings out the gleam of character!

    1. We used Rejuvenate on very old very sad looking wood floors in one of our rentals and it worked like a charm! I second Holly's recommendation!

  8. Okay - not sure what happened to my post either. We ordered Kraftmaid -through Lowe's. Love, love, love them. Made in the USA 100% real wood. Husband and son installed them with no problems. They had some kind of sale where you saved on purchase - we had enough credits to pay for all the trim and hardware as well as special items like an insert for pots and pans, a spice rack, etc. Worth every penny in quality. I wish you could come see my kitchen! Special insert in cabinet above frig for baking sheets, pull outs, lots of drawers.

  9. Baby thunder thighs!!!!!!!!!!

    That's all I got. Sorry. ;)

  10. I'm pretty sure we have Kraftmaid, too, but it's been 10 years! I checked inside and under every cabinet to see if I could find a stamp...none. Anyway, they are awesome. Real wood, easy to install and hold up to just about anything thrown at them and my one son is a blend of a Labrador puppy and a bull in a China shop to give you a visual. Wash up great, so worth the money. I've learned the hard way saving a little at the beginning is just so not worth it when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms.

    Love those baby thighs, oh if I could only give them a good squeeze. Nothing like a rolley, polley baby to snuggle and smother with kisses!!!

    PS: I wanted the House Unseen until I saw the sugar beets and read about the root cellar!!! If the House Seen goes on the market, I may have to relocating.

  11. Designer/ Builder here!
    I'll pm you later! Less than 21 minutes on my clock. :)

  12. Your floors probably need to be sanded and refinished. But you could try danish wood oil first.

  13. I don't know if you have an Ikea in your area, but I read recently that their kitchens have been getting really good reviews.

  14. Baby thighs are my most favorite thing. I nibble on my son's all the time.

  15. I think granite is well worth it. If you have Costco in the area, you can get it wholesale. We spent $50/square foot for highest quality Uba Tuba installed. It looks fantastic and it boosts resale, unlike most other choices. We lived in our kitchen for a few years before doing most of the work, since it helped us see solutions that weren't readily apparent at first. We ended up removing a pantry and putting in cabinets/counter there, which was way nicer looking and opened up the room considerably. We also moved our fridge away from the sink, which let us put a dishwasher in a great spot.

    Mop and Glo has helped a lot with the beat up floors in the house we're in now.

  16. Btw, do you have any handy tips for taking pics and uploading them well? I feel like I have a hard time keeping on top of that for my site.

  17. What a fun garden surprise! Love the chubs!

  18. IKEA for cabinets? Our house is 20 years old and we still have the original white wood cabinets. The doors were laminate and didn't hold up well, so we recently replaced those with wood. Looks brand new.



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  20. A friend recently shared this site and said her contractor was shocked by the quality and the price. She wanted an all wood, white kitchen, and they offered that so yay! I'd like to eventually do something with ours and have it bookmarked:

    Now I can't remember the second question I was going to answer...

    OH! Hardwood floors. We went with Lowe's in the old house as they were the cheapest for what we wanted (basic medium oak to match our original oak). We subscribed for emails for 10% off the order, then got the credit card for 5% and paid that off right away. Since it was cheaper we had a whole box filled with the junk pieces from all of the boxes, but they actually took it back and gave a refund. I was impressed!



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