Saturday, July 30, 2011

7 links on a sunny Saturday

Hey y'all kids, it's Latin time!
So listen to my little rhyme...

No, not really.  Back in college I wrote that special song for my future-hubby's roommate to use during a Latin project.  You're super impressed, aren't you?  I can see it in your face!  Anyway, I've been torturing my actual kids by saying that at least once an hour for the past four days.  Hoping I can pass on the earworm and save us all the agony of hearing me holler it even a single time in the future.

So.  Sorry.  Where was I?  Ah, yes....Jackie at Blueberries for Me!  She tagged me in this snazzy meme called 7 links.  Now, I'm not super sure what the heck a meme is, but basically I think I'm supposed to answer the questions with links from my blog.  I'm a detective like that.  Again, be impressed.

Anyway, my poor darling husband is ill today and the kids are running around like lunatics and so instead of writing a post about that and boring you all to tears, I'll regale you with....

Wait.  This might bore you to tears, too.  Consider yourself warned!

Most Beautiful Post
Poetry is beautiful, right?  Dogs are beautiful, right?  Here ya go.  You can thank me later.

Most popular post
Okay, I just checked and apparently my instructions for finding a house on the internet are the most popular thing I've ever written on here.  I just reread it.  Pretty entertaining if I do say so myself!  But, until very recently, the most read post of all time was Pro-Life Means Pro-Child wherein I urge folks who claim to be pro life to be kind to families with children, especially, not except, when they are at church.

Most Controversial Post
Sigh.  I do not enjoy conflict.  It gives me hives.  It makes my heart beat in my toes.  I wrote a silly post that took me 11 minutes to write about how irritating Disney fairy tales are to me.  And did I proof read and think about it and choose just the right words and think that anyone would have anything to say about it?  No.  Did I make sure to specify Disney in the post?  Oh no.  No sirree.  Just wrote "fairy tales".  Then I published and went to bed.  #Firestormoverfairytalesohmygod!  Blech.  Anyway.  You can look for it if you want, but I'm not really proud of it, and again...controversy makes me feel like I'm going to lose my lunch.  And I do not like losing things!

Most Helpful Post
As much as I like being helpful in real life, it seems that my blog is not really a place for helpful information.  Perhaps the suggestions for choosing a house on line will be helpful to some.  Some wacky folk as crazy as us.  BUT, a helpful post with broader appeal is probably the one where I tell you how NOT to make cookies.  'Cause everyone likes cookies, right?  And if you make them like I did, you will be sorry.  So very, very sorry....

Post whose success surprised you
Is there a way to link every single thing I've ever written right here?  'Cause seriously guys, I am surprised and thankful and excited and in the twilight zone every day that all of you take time out of your days to hang out with me over here in bloggy land.  But if I have to pick one, I guess it would be the one about my misadventures at Wal-Mart wherein I potentially acquired a real life stalker, which is so much LESS cool than virtual stalkers.  Maybe I should tell more stories?

A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved
Yeah, I don't really like the word "deserved".  It's like "fair" and "worth".  No one can really say what's fair and what isn't.  Things are only worth what others are willing to give for them.  Whatever I receive is absolutely what I deserve. So instead I will say that if you sign up to receive daily deals from by clicking on that link in the top left of my sidebar, you'll get a coupon worth $10 right to your inbox.  I think that's a fair deal that you deserve, don't you???

The Post You are the Most Proud of
I don't know about this one, either!  Ugh!  Jackie, why you gotta do me like that?  Makes me feel all uncomfortable and stuff!  Anyway, 'cause this is my blog and I do what I want, I'll just give you my Holy Thursday post.  'Cause none of this would be happening if it weren't for that day 12 years ago...


Now it's time to tag some of my friendy-friends!  Now friendy-friends, Please do not feel obligated to play along.  I will not come to your house with a flaming bag of dog poo or anything if you read this and are all, like, "Devil woman....I got important stuff to talk about!  Sheesh."  But let it be known that I think you're awesome and more people should read more of your writing.

Lucy (not her real name) of Lucy the Valiant
Steph of Baca Ohana
Mary Kate of Why, yes, I AM crazy. Thank you for asking!
Nina of The Adventures of Artsy Nina
Grace of Camp Patton
Cari of Clan Donaldson
Bernie of One Mixed Bag

If you want to play and I didn't tag you, feel free to claim that I did and I will happily tag you retroactively because I am so generous like that.

And now for a totally unrelated photo because I have vowed to never do a post without at least one picture...
pretend this is a picture of the meme fairy and her magic wand

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  1. Oh gosh anything about fairy tales or Disney is so polarizing, it's so weird!

    Great collection, and man, that's ballsy what you and your husband have done- moving so far with your kids and starting a new life. Awesome! I LOVE your tagline on the top of your blog :) Your 'sacraments Catholic' haha We just joined a Catholic church (my husband grew up Catholic (very liberal and not really church going) and I grew up Catholic by default (my family was but only in 'name', I went to C.C. with my best girlfriend all the time) and now we have decided to Baptize our two youngest, our girls, so we are going to church for six months before.


  2. ps my husband's family is all Irish Catholic. so you know, that's like a whole subset of the church with it's own culture :) (ie: heavy drinking and large families - my husband's dad's family is 11 )

  3. Dweej, you're my hero. Because I see you in lots of pictures wearing cute jewelry. I have some cute jewelry, but never put it on. Why bother when only a two year old would see it?!

    Thanks for the shout out!

  4. So, I was excited that I went to all the posts you linked to and I had read them all! (I didn't dig through yet to the disney post but i'll bet i'm on your side!)
    I enjoyed your 7 links, and the great photo :)

    p.s. I don't really understand what a meme is either but you seem to be a wonderful meme fairy...i so love the wand!

  5. Ok i'm back from reading the fairy tales post. From a totally objective standpoint i have to say that the comments were mostly from those who applauded you...the one person who disagreed was i *think* looking for healthy debate. This is going to be a total stereotype, but that person was the only male, and i think he was just trying to dialogue (and maybe, er, enlighten?), not put you down in any way!

    just my @0.02 :)

  6. whoops, that should say, $0.02 :P

  7. Thanks for tagging me!! And I LOOOOOVED the pro-life/pro-child post you did. Loved. It.

  8. @maggie- That is so exciting! I sent you an email :)

    @Nina- you'll notice that photographs of me are few and far between on here...because usually I look like a prison inmate.

    @Julie- Did you really read all the comments on that fairy tale post??? I'm impressed!

    @Lucy- Aw, thank you sweet girl :)

  9. Wow, I've just discovered you through FTLOB and I love your posts!!!

    You've got a great writing style and I look forward to reading more of your words/thoughts.

    Carrigan's JOy

  10. LOVE the button of you with the crown on this morning over at FTLOB, so fitting! Ha!

  11. I want me wanna them there fairy wands...:]

  12. cool blog....
    I stumbled here from FTLOB :)

  13. Oh, how I've missed you. :) So sorry I haven't been out to your blog more often lately. Life has been so busy this summer.

    Awww...yes, I remember the fairytale post too. You did have quite a few comments on that one. I'll have to go back and read instructions for finding a house on the internet.

    I hope your summer is going well.


  14. Seriously, controversy over fairy tales?? I'll have to go back and re-read that one too.
    P.S. You are looking great in that picture! Accessories and everything!

  15. Ok, just read all of the fairy tale comments...people have some strong opinions on those things ;) Kind of fun to go back and read through them all.

  16. How do I go back and find have a search feature that I'm not aware of? Because I really want to go back and read that Jesus wears polyester track shorts one!

    I find your humor enlightening, and your woes and daily happenings too similar to our own not to spend hours in bloggy land reading daily. ;) You make me feel less insane!

  17. I found you on Jennifer's site - Just Put The Dishes In The Dryer, another Michigan blogger! We are in the heart of SW michigan just outside of Kalamazoo in Paw Paw, loving some wine country! Hope you stop by and check out our little blog!

  18. Isn't it interesting how readers react, or don't, to posts? Just want to tell you how much I enjoy your stories, your insights, your style of writing and the fact that you've vowed not to publish a single post without at least one photo.

  19. I loved that WalMart post. LOVED it! I love them all, but I'm biased aren't I? Can you come wave your magical wand at my house and make our lawn look as green and luscious as yours?


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