Friday, July 29, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday: Darn It Sauce, my foot hurts

I crack my knuckles...on my fingers AND my toes.  Hah!  And you thought you wanted to know more about me!  Better not ever ask me about my shoulder trick, by the way.  

Anyway, so I'm all flustered-like because yesterday I DROPPED A DRESSER DRAWER FULL OF CLOTHES onto my right foot (I'm smooth like that) and today, every time I try to crack my toes, it feels almost just like it did that one summer when I broke four bones in the other foot.

Dude, what if I broke my foot?  That would be so lame.  Get it????  Lame???  I kill me!

Anyway, the potentially broken foot has not prevented me from pursuing the completion of the den painting, which really actually is almost finished this time.  Finally.  Jeez.  Do you realize that it's been an entire WEEK since we started that godforsaken project? Which is why I went berzerk last night after tripping over a ripped witches hat which had been yanked out of the costume bin which was in the middle of the dang room because I was painting the wall.  And I really almost smashed my semi-useful noggin on the frappin' television stand and I was all "UGH!  I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE!" Followed by a lot of other things that a really unstable person might say.

But my husband is brave and good, so he intervened (brave) and offered to take all the kids out of the house for a couple of hours so I could what I pleased (good).  Which is how I got from not-almost-done-yet to wow-we-are-really-almost-done!  Bless him.

p.s. Would you like to see a super before picture of the side of the den that we're still painting?  Like, the way it looked the first day we got here?  Ask and ye shall receive, my friends.
Isn't it just so....special?  Seriously guys, how could someone do all of that on purpose?

Be excited to see the 'after' photos.  Be VERY excited!

On a completely unrelated note, the almost  4 year old boy has started saying a lot of ridiculous things, like "Darn it sauce!" when things aren't going so well and "But wha' 'bout ice cream?" every single time we say it's time for bed.  And I'm all, "Wha' 'bout some darn it sauce on your imaginary ice-cream?" and he just doesn't get it.  I mean, can't he tell that I am a comedic genius?  Why isn't he laughing hysterical whilst simultaneously tucking himself into bed???

Speaking of the boy, it is totally his nap time but I am writing this instead of offering him some fresh Darn It Sauce.  He's a growing by.  He NEEDS his Darn It Sauce!

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  1. Hope it's not broken!!! And red carpet? Seriously... hahahahaha!

  2. Hahahaha!! My kids say tartar sauce...but that's because SpongeBob says it...and we may or may not watch too much SpongeBob here ;)
    So glad you're almost done painting, I'll be very excited for the after pictures. And, hope your foot feels better soon. :)

  3. I love cracking my knuckles too! So satisfying, lol :)I cannot wait to see the after pics, I can only imagine that it looks great. And un-red ;) Hope your foot starts to feel better soon too!

  4. Oh come on it wasn't sooo bad before!?! I mean there were walls, a ceiling, it was fully carpeted! ROFLMAO But, what I will never (ever) be able to wrap my brain around is the wood paneling thing!!!! Its so hideous!? What were people thinking!?

    Growing up we had wood paneling AND monkey vomit green shag carpeting halfway up the walls in our basement...and yes that's a real color! I think I coined the term at age 6! LOL. Did they think our house was a roller derby rink? I have no clue. Some things are better off left in the sixties!

  5. Hope your foot's okay! And oh my, that before picture of the den. Is Ugly a style of decorating?

    And your boy! How adorable is he?? "Darn it sauce" *Snort*

  6. What exactly is DarnIt Sauce?

  7. ok, knuckle-cracking weirds me out. but you should probably get a jump on having that foot looked at! fast! i mean, step on it! gotta make sure you're in tip-top shape so you can keep toeing the line for that fabulous family...hop to it, missy!

    alright, i think i'm done now. i think my antibiotics are making me loopy. (btw, you don't want to destroy your foot and end up walking around in circles, like 'Loopy' in Best in Show).

    ok. that was the last one. i just gotta put my foot down.

    now i'm really done.

  8. My grandparents had red carpet. Shudder. Hope your foot feels better.

  9. That before picture is so 70's with an 80's carpet update--LOL!!

    Hubby's family has a cabin that is paneled inside in the front room, redwood plank paneling. It is quite the contrast with the natural finished ash book cases!

    I look forward to your posts. I love it that you guys had the nerve to just go and buy a house and move... it is cool.

  10. I hope your foot feels better!! that carpet is SO RED. And someone actually thought that would be a good idea!

  11. I'm going to start saying "darn it sauce." don't worry I'll give your boy full credit. But really it's much too good a phrase not to use.

  12. laughing the entire post! Love the humor


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