Friday, July 01, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday: It's been a long week

You know that tingly skin, everything is a little out of focus, so exhausted you could cry but you can't because crying requires too much energy, feeling?  The one you hopefully haven't felt since college and/or when your second baby was a newborn and you were trying to take care of a toddler at the same time and didn't know how you were going to survive?  Well, despite the fact that I've sworn off school forever and do not currently own a newborn, that's pretty much how we've been feeling.  What with two birthdays and our anniversary and plus Tommy trying to finish that dang demo guitar and then NOT finishing it and me having been severely not-sick on Monday...well, this week has been a blur.  A mostly fun blur, but a blur nonetheless.

Anyway, do you know what is awesome when your week has been a blur and you don't really know what's going to happen next and it could go up to 90 degrees this weekend?  For your air conditioner to stop working!  You know das right, baby.  Luckily we know our HVAC guy personally (remember last summer?  Yeah.) and he lives down the road, so he's going to swing by later.  But still.

So what does one do for entertainment when one is exhausted and has no money and their house is back to being a disaster (sorry Fly Lady) and they are still in their pajamas because they got everyone else dressed and bathed and forgot that they were still in their pajamas and almost ran outside to open the gate for the meter reader guy but then realized it at the last minute and hollered for their husband but then felt really bad because they were also on the phone at the moment and accidentally hollered into the ear of their unsuspecting friend?  That's right.  Do a blog post!

Seeing as it's the first of the month, I thought I'd look at monthly statistics and see if there was anything interesting to share with you.  And there is, which is this: people search for "cluckingham palace" to find me and I am a terrible, terrible person because despite my claims, we have not EVEN gotten around to painting our zero dollar chicken coop and bestowing its glorious name upon it.  The girls did just give them fresh bedding.  Does that count?  Man, we are getting lame around here.

Except Cecilia.  She is the opposite of lame.  She is like a 7 legged acrobat these days.  The child just turned 15 months old and is already scaling the dining room chairs and then standing on the table.  Or the bookshelves.  Or my dresser.  Or the bathroom counter.  Morgan at The Little Hen House is having the same problem.  And so I says to myself, I says, "Oh my gosh, it's the chickens!  Babies who grow up with chickens obviously like to scare the bejeezus out of their mothers and try to always have a busted lip and/or a black eye."  Say a prayer for those babies us mamas, folks.

The other day my 10 year old told me that there were days back in 4th grade that every girl was wearing skinny jeans except her.  And I KNOW how she felt on those days.  It made me sad.  She just wants to be comfortable and wear the same three outfits over and over and not worry about fashion or boys or what's cool, but then she ends up feeling like a weirdo outsider.  No me gusta.

What I DO gusta is that my cousin and his wife have several acres over in Howell, MI and they are having a big family 4th of July shindig tomorrow complete with horse riding and lake swimming and ATV driving and general summertime countrified merriment.  Yeehaw!  Now to convince Tommy that he really does need a break and that the shaky vehicle is not that big of a problem and that when we are on the interstate we can just drive in the slow lane with our hazards on and everything will be JUST FINE

Happy early birthday, America.  Hope yours is a fun as mine was!

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  1. I have a 15-month-old acrobat as well, but alas, no chickens.

  2. Ok, head... spinning...

    I was a 15mo old money long, long ago. No chickens, but I think a chihuahua was involved... sadly neither of my boys received my acrobat-genes...

  3. Oh gosh! Have SO much fun! ATVs are crazy-exciting for EVERYBODY! Listen, we'll be up at our lake from tonight through Tues., so if you wanna drive the shaky ol' AUTOMOBEEEEEEL (said Long Duk Dong!), please let me know! My cousins kinda broke the boat, but we think it's an easy-fix (roight!), so we plan to watch the spectacular fireworks from the middle of the lake and then shoot off some of our own! It would be SO much fun to share the events!

  4. Sasha just turned one and is already trying to climb up bookshelves and other random pieces of household furniture. I can't even imagine how I'm going to handle her when we have our second baby. I try not to think about it.

    I remember walking home from school in Grade Four, sobbing because I knew my childhood was dying (yes I was a drama queen from birth). It's scary how soon all those social roles and gender pressures start...sometimes I hate our society :(

  5. Sorry to be another to bust your chicken/acrobat relationship bubble. My first born was a crazy climber, despite no chickens.

  6. I have a 3 YO who has been climbing everything since he could crawl. I just get used to it!

  7. Three year old run away-no chickens.

    PLEASE have a great weekend :)

  8. Sounds like crazy town over there! I hope you're able to relax and have a wonderful long weekend with the fam!

  9. Dude, you HAVE had a week. So much going deserve a little time away and some horseback riding! Have tons of fun, friend of mine.

    Oh, and Number 2? You tell her that feeling like a weirdo outsider is not so bad, especially when you're actually a COOL, AWESOME, UNIQUE person with your OWN SENSE OF STYLE and SELF. Being a kid can suck sometimes...especially when other kids are well...other kids.

  10. I am sorry your 10-year-old daughter ever feels like a weirdo outsider, but take it from one who actually wore pleated jeans (ala Zenas in the 80s),today's fashion is tomorrow's Kodak moment you wish you could take back! P.S. I actually saw a 50ish woman wearing pleated jeans (nice, full pleats, too)the other day, and they have NOT gotten better with time.

  11. Yes, you've had a rough week. I hope you have a wonderful 4th. P.S. I didn't know you had a Cecilia. I love that name. Did you name her after the Simon & Garfunkel song?

  12. Hope you have a very Happy holiday weekend!! And I really hope you can relax a little :)

  13. Lordy, Lordy! To quote Dr. Kornbluth: "What a week I'm having"! (Splash)

    I had a little climber/getter into drawers/swing from the rafters baby myself! She is now a runner/artist/worker with disabled adults/all around wonderful 25 year old. Just think what Cecelia will accomplish with all that energy! (If you survive her toddlerhood!)

    Still praying for you up here in Douglas, AK (and the prayers get to heaven faster because this is God's Country)!

  14. We do two birthdays and an anniversary in December. I feel your pain!

  15. We live with our chairs tipped over on the floor and it drives me nuts. But its either that or let JP dance (and fall off) the table continuously. :-) Happy 4th!!

  16. Oh sounds like a long week instead - but you have the long weekend to recuperate!! Have a great one!

  17. Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend! You deserve to put your feet up for a little while!

  18. We don't have chickens but we do have a toddler who has learned how to scale the safety gates and jumps down the stairs 4 at a time!

    Hope you have a fab Fourth!

  19. You know, I'm such in a blur by now, I really could use an activity like painting your chicken coop. Seriously.

    Wow, Cecilia has grown-up!! I remembered seeing her pics in the beginning of your blog. She's such a sunshine! Makes me want to have a baby of my own... Oops, forgot... Damn! I'm hormonal. Sorry.

    on #2... oh the pain of growing up and peer pressure... I think you've been a great role model to your daughters though (don't say nooo), so just talk to her and tell her (like you tell me) to just be comfortable with who she is. And who she is, is wonderful!

  20. Dwija, I am so sorry you are overworked and overtired and NOT sick necessarily.

    And I hope you get your AC unit fixed immediately!

    And number 2 broke my heart because I know that feeling all too well and if I were a 10 year old these days I would SO not want to wear skinny jeans either.

  21. My friend tailored all of her boot cut jeans to make skinny jeans, not skin tight jeans. You dollar skinny jeans!

  22. My husband's sister lives in Howell. In fact, that's probably where we will be going. The countdown is on! I've got my hubby teetering on the edge of saying yes, and orange county, California will hopefully be in our rearview mirror! I just discovered your blog, and am reading obsessively. I think if we knew each other in the real world, we would probably be friends. As a fellow soon to be ex Californian, maybe someday we will!

  23. Howell is great, Kristina! Fingers crossed for you guys :)


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