Friday, July 15, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday: Summer is the Awesomest!

Y'all ready for this?

p.s. If you are reading this in a reader and cannot see this Friday-tastic video, please click over for guaranteed fun times!

With an opener like that, I better come up with something good, right?  Well here's something: My 15 month old daughter was singing "Friday" today.  The Rebecca Black "Friday".  That crazy, annoying, ear-worm "Friday".  You guys: she doesn't even speak English yet!  How is it that she was singing that?  And hopping around?  Oh yes.  I remember now.  Because she's crazy.

Speaking of crazy, Let's go CRAZY!! in 2011 is an amazing post by one of my favorite bloggers in all of bloggy land.  Technically this was her New Years post, but a message like this is good ANY time you need a little inspiration to seek out and follow God's calling even if you and everyone else thinks it's CRAZY!!  Double exclamation point crazy!

On the day of our 1 year Arrive-aversary, the kids and I jaunted over to our farmer's market and picked up some things for a special dinner.  One of those delicious things was homemade garlic mozzarella cheese which we served with tomatoes and basil from our garden (basil from our garden.  not tomatoes from our garden....yet!).  It was fantastic and felt decadent, but was still way cheaper than if we had gone somewhere to eat.  Winning all around!
p.s. as a side note, the very name of the town in which this particular cheese was prepared precluded it from our house-hunting adventures so many moons ago, much in the same way that I refused to attend any college called Colgate (toothpaste) or Vanderbilt (perfume).  I do believe this is the Superpages listing, if you are so inclined.  But don't say I didn't warn you.

There have been so many days this summer that my girls have said "This is one of the best days of my life!".  And not because we've gone somewhere fancy or purchased them something they've been pining for.  'Cause y'all know we ain't got no Benjamins.  Or more accurately: very few Benjamins.  This is just the first summer that we've all been together.  No chauffeuring back and forth to 14 different day camps or saying good-bye to daddy at 6:30 a.m. as he heads out the door to work.  We are just being.  Together.  It has been so calming and eye-opening.  That we really do get along better when we spend more time together, not less.  Which means that maybe God DID know what he was doing after all when he made us a family.  He is so smart, folks.

On the topic of Benjamins, it would not be sad if we acquired a few more of them sometime in the near future.  A new guitar is almost finished to sell, but as with most things, there have been more unexpected hurdles to overcome and it is not quite ready.  Which means we can't sell it.  Which means the Benjamins are sitting tight elsewhere.  So, if you have an extra moment, even right now, to send up a little prayer for my dear husband (who I KNOW is stressing out but is doing an excellent job of staying calm for our sake) that he is able to find peace while he completes this project, I would be oh so super-de-duper thankful.  And so would he, of course.  Actually, I will just thank you in advance.  THANK YOU!!!!!

There's always some kinda makin' going on 'round these parts.  My big girls, who can be quite tenacious (where they could have gotten such a trait I simply DO NOT know.  Ahem. *cough, cough*) followed me around the house all day the other day politely and incessantly asking if I would kindly go out to the barn and dig up my beading supplies.  And because I wanted to be able to take a bathroom break without one of them standing outside the door making this request, I went out there and did it.  And look what they made!

Finally, so that you know I am foolish fool, I will admit that I made dentist appointments for all 4 of my children on the same day.  As in- the appointments are on the same day...all in a row.  4 appointments in a row for 4 children, two of whom posses nary a trace of reasonable decision-making skills.  What is wrong with my brain?  Clearly I need to rethink my no-sleep strategy.

Have a fab weekend, friends!

Oh, and if you have any good jam making recipes or tips, can you please link or send them?  We've got a berry situation up in here, for realz ( HouseUnseen {at} gmail {dot} com )

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  1. Them gitars are perty nifty! Beautiful actually.

  2. Thanks, Anonymous! That is a view of the inside of the soundboard taken before the back of the guitar was put on. Something about assymetrical lattice bracing and carbon fiber. And since clearly I don't know what I'm talking about, I'll be quiet now ;)

  3. food in jars is a blog with lots of yummy recipes for all kinds of canning and it's not one of those crazy hard to navigate grandma blogs.

  4. I hope the money fairy smiles on you guys soon - stoopid money, it makes things so much harder than they need to be.

    I've really enjoyed reading about your Arrive-aversary; I love your happiness! (And I want some of that cheese, STAT.)

    Happy Weekend!

  5. Hey, might as well pull off the whiny band-aid in one foul swoop of dental misery. Haha!

  6. Oh, Dweej, how I love you!! Four denist appts in a row? Good luck, but maybe somehow a smart decision to just get them all done with...we do two in a row here. Our "babies" would get along so well together as mine is crazy too!! And I LOVE #4 on your list. Your family time together is priceless! You don't need many Benjamins, you've got your awesome family!


    Sending positive thoughts for your husband's project!

    Happy weekend :D

  8. You know. All of those things were so much better with the theme music. Ya'll Ready for THIS??? You're silly. And I'm now hungry thanks to that photo.

  9. Not only have I been to Climax, but I was there en route to Hell. This is a totally true story. And I miss Michigan like I'd miss pockets if they were suddenly taken from me.

  10. That was an awesome combination of an awesome song and a really fun post! I love that song! I am so glad you guys are having a great summer together. Maybe you are starting a trend...isn't it ironic that some of the hardest financial times usually lead to some of the best memories for a family.

    I am praying for quick success for your husband's projects. It's just a matter of time. Love to all of you!

  11. I've been praying everyday for the guitar situation at HU-LU.
    Have no idea what to do with jams even though I run one of those "crazy hard to navigate grandma blogs" :-)


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