Friday, July 08, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday: And they're actually quick!

My quick takes are hardly ever quick.  That should tell you a little something about the astounding amount of gum-flapping I do on a daily basis.  So, in the spirit of challenges and constant improvement, today I'm going to commit to saying no more than three sentences about each thing.   No, seriously!

Deep breathe (you can DO this, dweej!)...

My 9 year old stapled her hand yesterday.  It was right in the middle of her palm, you guys!  Do your children do ridiculous things that have no good explanation whatsoever?

Speaking of children, whose idea was it to give this one the entire yogurt container?  Her mother is clearly a masochistic fool.  Gaw.

  Is this a rooster?

 Because this is definitely a hen...
I mean, it did try to crow the other day...but it has no spurs on the back of its legs and seeing as I don't want it to be a rooster, I am still in denial hopeful about the whole situation.
This is the road we live on.  I know.  I KNOW!!!!

Remember these mystery flowers from April?

They turned out to be oodles of fancy-rific day lilies.

Yes, I am pretty proud of my mad flower arrangin' skillz.

And look at what else is growing: wild blackberries!


Don't worry, though...we've made sure to combat any inherent healthiness by putting them on top of delicious, full-fat ice cream.  Yummers.

One year ago today we packed up the last of our stuff into our silver min-van and drove out of California.  It was a scary, exciting, incredible, surreal day.  Happy 1 year move-aversary, my crazy family! 

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  1. Those trees are gorgeous! I love all that greenery!!

  2. Ok, ouch to the stapled hand. I can't tell the difference between hens and roosters. I DO love your flower arranging skills. I'm so jealous of where you live and what you grow. And Happy Move-aversary!!
    P.S. I only eat full fat ice cream too! Why bother with anything else ;)

  3. I love the lillies and is it bad if the Beverly Hillbillies song went through my mind on your move to Cali? Did you intend that?

  4. I didn't intend that, but it makes me laugh that it did! So funny. Love it. Although we were moving OUT of Cali, so perhaps some kind of reverse song? Let me know if you think of one! ;)

  5. Ah, those crazy kids. My second daughter, many years ago when she was only four, or something like that, stuck a red hot candy up her nose.

    Ah, wild blackberries...I'm picking them by the bowls full. Lots of ice cream for us too, until I decided we shouldn't be eating so much ice cream. I made muffins and also froze some of the berries, add them to my salads and cereal.

    Did your wild lily bouquet last long? I've found the petals fall off in about a day or so.

    Happy moving day anniversary!

  6. I will send you my address if you send me some of those gorgeous lillies and blackberries... YUM!!! And also- my kid and your kid should never hang out- they will inevitably start stapling each other and eating poppy diapers til one of them is seriously injured or we have gone mad.

  7. My oldest when she was 4..put a balloon up her nose. we were like, WHA-----????? had to have doc get it out, too. Happy Move-ersary!

  8. It's only been a year?? Wow! Umm, staple in the hand. Yeah, did she just need to know what would happen?

  9. Happy move-aversary! And I was just wondering, maybe it's been asked, or maybe I'm just exposing how simple I really am, but how do you pronounce your name? Every time I see it, I wonder. Ok, have a great weekend :)

  10. At the same age, I touched the car cigarette lighter to see if it was really hot. Know what? It was.

  11. So many thoughts. Yogurt container is adorable. The road!? I envy. Staple? I read and heard that recently there was a youth trend with safety pining their skin. ?! I don't quite get it.

  12. Staple to the hand? WHA????? I think I would lose it if my kid did that. BUT, the blackberries on ice cream would help calm me down.

  13. Oh, I'm not at all worried that it was any sort of trend thing, Linda. She FREAKED out the second it happened. "MOMMY!!!! I have a staple in my hand! I didn't think it would work!!!!!!". It was quite dramatic...

    Kelly, do not worry about seeming "simple" at all! My real name is "Dwija" but my nickname is "dweej"...spelled out like that in an effort to help my poor readers say that crazy thing in their heads :). So if my real name were in a dictionary, it might look like this: DWEE-juh

    Hope that makes sense :)

  14. Man, those blackberries look good! We have raspberries in our yard, and I love picking them. I love how they're still warm from the sun when I eat them. :)

    Also, the yogurt. Awesome.

  15. Staple in the hand.. classic. I might have done that when I was a small child...
    And woah, you've lived in Mi for a whole year. Glad we are state neighbors :)
    Those lilies are beautiful!

  16. Ok, you HAVE to get on making some blackberry cobbler with those. Soooo good, and something I look forward to every summer :) Love these quick takes on your week. Perfect way to round it all up!
    BTW, storytellers Blog hop is this weekend, if you are interested!

  17. The happiest of moviversaries to your family!!

  18. Thanks, so much M.L.! You are such a sweet friend :)

    On an unrelated note, dear readers:

    p.s. If a person chooses to leave an anonymous comment because they don't have a google account, that's just super. I don't like the idea of you having to create a new account just to leave a comment.

    On the other hand, if they want to be passive aggressive (or aggressive aggressive) and say ambiguous things that have no charitable response and no basis in reality, the comments will be deleted. I am not in the business of enabling wrongdoing. Thanks muy mucho!

  19. She stapled her hand?? Oh poor thing. Hope she's ok.

    Your street is gorgeous. Those flowers are so beautiful too. You know TX can't handle those kinds of things in this heat!

  20. Good for you in deleting any anonymous-morons, Dweej!

    Like, get a life, and an identity, already! Sadly, there are a fair share of classless-acts that skirt blogs...kind of like black mold. Disenfect and erase, erase, erase!

    Love your flowers and those blackberries...yummm!

    And, my middle daughter closed the car door on her son's hand yesterday. He just decided to reach in as she was shutting the back!!!! Matt was fine, is holding the guilt over his mom's head at least once every hour, lol.

  21. Your berries and ice cream are making me hungry for a Friday afternoon snack :) Beautiful flowers!

  22. congrats on the one year anniversary of the move. May your adventures continue, and from the looks of your kids they will.

  23. Oh, yes... 9-year-olds definitely do strange things. I don't even think THEY know why. Fortunately, at ten and a half, my oldest is growing out of that stage.... just in time for my younger one to enter it. I'm seriously afraid for the teenage years when the girls lose their minds completely! LOL

  24. Wow. a whole year! good for you! you inspire me in so many ways!!

  25. Happy one year mover-aversary!The lilies and blackberries look amazing! And the road you live on? Can I move in with you?

  26. You really are living the dream, Dweej! That road looks amazing...a dream indeed. The only thing that doesn't sound dream-like? The stapling of the hand...yeah, not so much. Hehe...

    I don't know if the chicken is a rooster or a hen, but I know either way that he/she is lovely...and I'll be rooting for a hen!

  27. 7. I know a girl who sewed through her thumb with her sewing machine. It wasn't a straight seam, so she had to rip it out and do it over (rimshot).
    6. Yogurt is excellent for the hair and skin.
    5. Rooster.
    4. Beautiful road!
    3. Beautiful day lilies, nice arrangment!
    2. Those are black raspberries, I they have stickers?
    1. Congratulations on your first year of your adventure! Look back with pride on your accomplishments of the last year!

  28. Love the road pic! I've got one like that too. But different. So it's not really like that. Fun post kiddo!

  29. Stapled her hand? Yep, my son took a suction cup thingy and suctioned it all over his face so that he had big red polka dots everywhere. I had to take the toy up to the school to prove that I did not, in fact, hit my kid with circular object.

    And happy moveaversary.

  30. Ok, the road you live on looks a lot like the roads in our area. :) Hope you love your new life, after a year away from the rat race of California. Any regrets? I know I don't have any. But I will be traveling to California in August for 2 weeks with my girls. Our first trip back since we moved. I'm expecting it'll be pretty emotional for me since I was in a ball of tears when we left. But then again, there's so much I DON'T miss about it, so maybe it'll just be nice to visit and then leave again. :)


  31. Paula- Oh my goodness, your "rimshot" has got me cackling! Yes, they have stickers. Does that mean black raspberries? Clearly we are inexperienced in the ways of nature!

  32. You are SUCH a lucky girl! I remember picking blackberries when we lived in Tennessee that summer. Mama Hickey made them into jars of yummy jam. That was a great are quite the photog and you have a beautiful, fun family. I am jealous of your road and your flowers and your rooster. Enjoy the coming years and be sure to tell us all about them! love love love love love!!

  33. Your street is gorgeous! The blackberries! The flowers! And even the crowing hens! Lovely!

    ...except for the staple in the hand part. That's scary -- I'm glad she's okay!

  34. One last thing about the cockerel. He is a Buff Orpington, yes? If so, he will fatten up nicely and be ready for processing in just a few weeks. It's just a thought..

  35. I think blackberries have big stickers and black raspberries have little stickers. Do they taste like blackberries or raspberries? Sorry, I am OCD and HAVE TO KNOW!

  36. What a road!! I can't wait to see it in the fall!

  37. Your road is amazing. A total dream!

    Total dig the way your family does yogurt and blackberries. We operate the same around here.

    Aren't you happy you aren't in the silver minivan again this year? Woo hoo!

  38. Stapled her HAND? Oh. Wow. And you know that's one of those stories that will never cease haunting her!


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