Friday, July 22, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday: Miracles, Snakes, and Wine Tasting

Do you believe in miracles?  If reading this blog thus far has not yet encouraged you to say "Yea verily, miracles are in fact possible for these poor saps hath survived their own foolishness!" then today is your lucky day.  Today, there has been a true miracle.

Oh yes, a miraculous miracle.

Today, when downloading the photos from my camera to this fine computing machine, somehow, MIRACULOUSLY, photos that had already been deleted and lost, reappeared and were downloaded a second time.  I am not joking.  I have deleted all the photos from the camera MULTIPLE times.


But here they are, all miraculous like.  And I am all "How is this possible???" and then I'm all "This is a miracle!"

A miraculous miracle.

Why do I care so much about these pictures?  I thought you'd never ask!

Remember that we shoved some garlic cloves into the ground last fall?  And that they actually sprouted when they were supposed to?  Well the other day, we actually harvested some real (extremely tiny) garlic bulbs!
Our chickens are really so helpful.

That same day, we also picked our very first batch of carrots.  They weren't big, but we were still super proud!

Then I got to thinking....why is it that other things in the garden are so much smaller than I imagined they would be?  Could it possibly be because the world's most enormous, gigantic, out of control sunflowers are leeching all the nutrients from the soil?

Why yes...I think we might be onto something!
For real, you guys.  That thing is like 8 feet tall, seriously.  What the -H- was I thinking?

 In other what-was-I-thinking news, I stood by and let my poor defenseless offspring pet a 5' boa constrictor yesterday. 

That little head in the front of the first photo is Cecilia, with Paul right behind her.  And then in the bottom photo, that shortest little head is Paul.  They are fearless, those two.  If we would've let them, they would gladly have stood there for 16 hours straight just caressing its scales.  Plus, the zoo mobile was a Toyota Sienna, so Paul felt extra affection for Alex-the-zookeeper and his Crazy Collection of Critters (not what it's really called, but they should probably call it that, huh?

Plus, in addition to the FREE library learn-about-and-pet-real-animals-from-the-real-zoo event, we also scored four passes for the kids to visit the zoo for free sometime this season.  Hello Paul's birthday?  How would you like to be celebrated at the Binder Park Zoo and feed real giraffes right out of your hand?  Oh, you'd like that very much?  GREAT!

Okay, if you can't read the smaller sign above, go ahead and give that photo a little clicky-click so that we can all be on the same page here.  Go ahead.  Do it.

Have I been missing out on drinking while shopping?  Does every Michael's and/or Cost Plus World Market do wine tastings in the middle of the afternoon????  Where have I been?  Why wasn't I notified?  Who has been attending these events and not inviting me to join them?!?!?!? 

In all seriousness, is this just some crazy Michigander thing or what?  Does your Micheal's and/or Cost Plus World Market give their customers adult beverages on Saturday afternoons?  And if so, will you be there tomorrow?  For the love of all that is holy, tell me you will be there tomorrow!

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  1. I think our World Market does wine tastings pretty often.

    Amy @ A Little Nosh

  2. Oh I loooove sunflowers. Just you wait - let them die on their own. The birds will grab the seeds, and the squirrels etc. Such a great life cycle.
    (Or, you can grab some of the seeds and eat them. But we were into the St. Francis approach to gardening - let the little critters come)

  3. Eww snakes are gross! That's what I would've said anyway. Snakes just remind me of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

  4. Holy Cuh-RAP! Is this the CostPlus/Michaels in Portage? Cuz, girl! You will see me there EVERY freakin' Sat I'm in MI if this wine tasting this is true! :D

  5. Yeah, I'm not a snake fan. Brave little monkeys! :) That is a miracle!!! Deleted photos usually never make their way back! Lucky!!

  6. MK- YES! Portage! Right across from the mall. Oh my gosh, you totally have to call them!!!

  7. Three thoughts:

    1) I moved my compost bin today so I could mulch, and under it I found the best soil ever! Seems my little wormies have been escaping their food prison (the bin) and working on the soil under the bin. Hm, how to plug those drainage holes?

    2) My brothers used to own a boa constrictor. And they had pirahna too. I was a lucky, lucky little girl.

    3) World Market? Huge wino place. My brother went to this town Temecula (heard of it?), bought some wine, carried it home on the plane, and then on his next trip to WM, found it there--for less than he paid at the winery.

  8. I'm not such a fan of the 5' boa....

    I haven't ever noticed wine tastings at Michael's....but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen around here. :)

  9. That is a miraculous miracle! So glad you got your pictures back! LOVE that humongous sunflower!!

  10. One of our tomato plants has done like your sunflower plant and TAKEN OVER THE GARDEN. The thing is taller than me now. Unfortunately, our garden isn't doing too hot these's all yellowy and dying looking. :(

    That boa constrictor is WAY COOL! And Cost Plus World Market is like my favorite store on the planet, so if they do wine-tasting, I'm totally going to die. If you find out for sure, LET ME KNOW!

  11. You have that song "I believe in miracles" ricocheting around my head now! LMBO!!! Thanks! ;)

  12. I love sunflowers and that gigantic one is AWESOME!!!

    Does this mean you'll be offline most afternoons due to wine tastings? ;)

  13. World Market has the wine tastings, and they do them pretty regularly. Spec's, our whole sale, GIANT awesome liquor store, actually does wine, liquor and mixed drink tastings, and once I got pretty buzzed while shopping for tequila!

  14. Your gigantic sunflowers look great! Next year, you and your kids should make a sunflower house out of them. (I wanted to do that with my girls this year, but we didn't have space. But still, it sounds like such a fun project!) And I'm totally impressed with your harvest!

  15. World Market does wine tasting every Saturday. I will meet you there! (Even if by "meet" that actually means I will go to mine and you go to yours at the same time and we just have to blog about it later.)

  16. Steph, that would be hilarious! We can photoshop photos of ourselves "together" and each write our own posts...which will be totally different. Fake conversations that we "had". Oh my gosh, I'm laughing just thinking about it!

  17. garden-grown salad, awesome! and I'm so happy that you have helpful chickens :)

  18. Woman! It is a damn good thing the Canadian Michael's does not serve booze to the patrons such as myself because as it is (stone cold sober) I get into that joint and believe I can become a jewellery designer on the spot and I'm all "the beeeeads, look at all the glorious beeeeeeeads" and I spend a fortune because I MUST HAVE THEM. Now have a lot of beads. No jewellery made. Could maybe bedazzle a lamp with them or something?


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