Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Frugal Folk: Click Here for Awesome!

I have failed as a mother.  Or I had been until today, of course, when I realized my sins and made reparations. And I think I've been forgiven.  You see, until today, my kids had never....brace yourselves!...had never actually had the good fortune of patronizing a Goodwill store.


It's truly an atrocity.  I get a little choked up just thinking about it...

But do you know what totally, completely, without reservation super wonderful thing makes up for any of the sorrow that resulted from having that realization?  The amazing stuff we bought for truly fantastically low prices that made this bargain hunter and her cheap offspring swoon with delight, of course!

Sadly, it is 1:28 a.m. as I type this and I am totally incapable of taking photographs of any of our finds at the moment (due to laziness. And poor lighting).  Plus, one of them is SO GOOD that he deserves his very own post.  Oh yes he does!  He is like, the find of the century.  And we NEEDED him, we did we did we did.  So you'll have to wait until tomorrow/later today, depending on your time zone.

And so this post is about something other than my parental shortcomings, I will tell you all about my second most favorite find of the day which is...

Sorry I'm yelling so much tonight.  Or this morning.  It's the only way I can stay awake.  Because have I mentioned that we went on a wacky thrift store shopping spree today?  And that I got a bread machine, made in the U.S. of A, for six dollars?  And that the den is still not fully painted even though I paint every single day?  And that the alphabet mat we started 783 years ago is also still not finished?  Because I'm a project starter and not a project finisher and also Adobe Acrobat won't work on my computer?  Which has nothing to do with any of this except I'm sure it's contributing to me feeling so exhausted and "writing" at 2 a.m.?  Have I mentioned any of that yet?

And if you still read this blog after being subjected to that drivel, I thank you with the exuberance of a small boy in a toy car store.  A small boy who needs a nap badly because it is almost 2 a.m. (depending on your timezone) and he/me needs to crawl into bed for 4 hours before children start waking up.

I am getting too old to function on 4 hours of sleep, I tell ya what.

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  1. I cannot wait to hear about your finds but GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME, A BREAD MACHINE FOR 6 BUCKS?????????????

    Sorry for the shouting, the shopaholic/ bargain hunter in me is just salivating at that prospect of a good deal. Well done!

  2. Heart type shouting!!

    Best find ev- ev- everrrr!!!

    Cant wait to see the others!! I hope your kiddos were impressed!!

  3. Strange, I just this past week noticed that I have projects started all over this house and few finished. I started yesterday wrapping up one by one all I have started. Nice bread machine. Can't wait to see your other finds. Take a nap at some point today.

  4. Hey if I found a deal like that, I'd be shouting too! Did you get some sleep??

  5. If I had a bread machine, I'd sell it to you for $4.99.


  6. I am glad that you got to relish in the joys of thrift store shopping. every time i give something to Goodwill, I think of someone like you who picks it up and is made SO HAPPY by the thing I had sitting in my closet for 3 years. i LOVE Goodwill!

    That said, I'm not a fan of bread machines. I prefer to make bread by hand. And I will continue to do so until I also have many kids that distract me from the kneading.

  7. I have not been in a Goodwill since college; I think I forgot how awesome they can be! Maybe I can score some new teacher clothes for cheap...

    This post made me laugh. I like that.

  8. If you want a thrifting high like none other, I've got three words for you: church rummage sale. Seriously. Go try it.

  9. I have three, I think, unfinished started projects on my blog today. Ho hum, I think I need a nap...

  10. I have been reading your blog for a few weeks but dont say much. BUT I totally share your excitement over the bread machine!!!! I, too, found one at a goodwill for about 6 bucks and it WORKS!!! So easy to make bread in and so CHEAP!!!

  11. Dweej, you stay up way too late!! But, I really like your late night/early morning's even funnier than your other stuff...if that's even possible. I have a bread machine. It's collecting dust in one of my cupboards, but I think you just inspired me to dust it off :)

  12. Goodwill was good to you!!! I hope your 4 hours of sleep was too!

  13. I totally read that in my "shrill Dweej voice." I don't know if you actually have one, but in my head you do.

    My husband is also a project starter, but not finisher. He will repaint an entire room and then not replace the outlet covers for two years.

    Can't wait to see what awesomeness you found at the thrift store.

  14. Welcome welcome welcome fellow shopper! :D That is one of my favorite stores!!! Did I show you the kitchen table I scored for $10 bucks? Or the chairs at $4 a piece (all mismatched and perfectly shabby chic, waiting for me to sand and have hubby spray paint them!!!?) Or tell you about the A-maze-a-zing scrolly footed dresser I just bought tonight and have yet to find a way to tow seriously..lets not mention it because I haven't told my hubby yet! :P

  15. My daughter told me about your column and I love it. Until the last few years I didn't frequent thrift stores but I have a friend who loves them and we'll spend an evening perusing the local Goodwill and St. Vinnie's just for fun. My best buy was finding a lamp that was an exact match to one that was broken when the kitten decided to use the end table as a launching pad. I had kept the other one since it was perfectly usable and I happen to like it. Voila, there it was, and only one left at the bargain price of $3.99! I snatched it up and now the set resides on our nightstands, away from the cat this time.

    I'm not sure about Michigan but a great place to find stuff is at the local colleges Surplus Property departments. I work at a university and they have weekly garage sale format sales where they sell everything from file cabinets and desks for five bucks (we're talking good quality older stuff) to computers, autos, and even the occasional horse. Once we went to buy a drafting table for our daughter and ended up taking home an oak desk with matching oak swivel chair and an awesome huge locker that formerly housed gear for the football team, all for a total of $120. The locker allowed us to store the smelly soccer shoes in the garage away from the kangaroo-leather-shoe-loving border collie. Too bad we bought it after he had managed to get the pair down off the shelf and had a nice lunch on it in the backyard....

    1. Wow, that is awesome! I should see if the colleges around here do something similar....

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