Friday, November 23, 2012

7 Quick Takes- I'm the worst mother and something to make you laugh

So yesterday I linked up with Grace at Camp Patton thinking I could feel all unguilty about not going on about how cute my kids are and how great my husband is, et al. but then I read (every single one of) the other posts linked up with her and almost everyone shared pics of their adorable kids anyway!

I'm the worst mother in the world.

In reparation for my sins, here is the adorable Thanksgiving pic I took of chubba-lub Mare Bear celebrating her 5th month birthday....

It's okay if you're giggling uncontrollably.  I totally understand!

Speaking of yesterday, do you recall the no jackets we were all sportin' in the out of doors?  With the sun shining?

I don't know if you can see, but Ceci is wearing purple crocs (no socks).  Lizzy has flip flops on.  They're playing the ever-popular traditional Thanksgiving game "Dig up the Foundation of the House".  It was not cold.

Then this morning...

Speaking of surprises, back in the summer, the sweet and generous Suzi Lunt sent me a Shabby Apple gift certificate as a birthday/happy arrival-of-baby present.  But I was super clever and didn't spend it right away because I wanted to get something that I would be able to wear for a long time and not shrink out of right away.


Wishful thinking.

Clearly I'm in no danger of shrinking out of anything very soon because I finally ordered a dress....

...and it does not not not not not not fit. Not.  Does not.  Not even a little.  Not even sort of.  Not even the suck-in-and-lie-down-on-the-bed-and-zip-it-and-don't-breathe-for-the-rest-of-the-night fake kind of fit that moms sometimes have to deal with during the holidays.


Sorry Aunt Alicia- looks like I'll be wearing a sweat suit to the Christmas party this year.  Nothing personal!

Ready to cleanse your eyeball-palettes of all that postpartum whining?  Is it still allowed to be called "postpartum" if your baby is 5 months old?  Then watch this.  But maybe not if kids between the ages of 4 and 14 are in earshot if you have an aversion to them starting to say the word a$$ (<----v. v. v. v. sensitive of me, yes?).  The crazy mcfunniness far outweighs the minor language blip, I promise.

Happy lengthy weekend of overeating and not fitting into your new dresses, internet land!

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  1. That dress is gorgeous! Booooo that it doesn't fit but I bet it will by Christmas. I love love love Shabby Apple.

    1. Sigh. Maybe if I eat nothing between now and then. Maybe. Can a person safely lose a pound a day? Great.

  2. I call it post-partum until I'm pregnant again, which is usually just over a year later. Enjoy that bit of wisdom. :) That dress is AMAZING. Someday when it fits, you are going to look foxy! (Do people still use that word? I don't even care. Imma use it. FOXY).

  3. 1. You are not a terrible mother. I only included the lil' tikes in my post because I'm not a huge fan of individual shots.
    2. I love that you call your daughter chuba-lub. Priceless.
    3. I say, call it postpartum until you have your next one! :) lol.
    4. I.Want.That.Dress.
    - Janel

    1. I am a real whiny pants today, aren't I??? You are so sweet :)

  4. I LOVE that dress too! If it makes you feel any better, I will NEVER fit into something that looks like that...I'm just glad to be back in my pre-preggo jeans (size 18W)...but nothing else fits and I still live in my preggo jeans because I'm too lazy to deal with the button on "normal" jeans, lol.

    And I'm gonna steal that video...that's freaking hilarious! And as a side note, my little man listens very intently when we put on the 80's station in Daddy's car (he has satellite radio, I do not) and the Safety Dance put him to sleep yesterday!

  5. I loooooove that dress! You look fantastic, by the way. Christmas is still a month off. I'm highly optimistic about you getting to wear it...:)

  6. I am totally on the bandwagon of "calling it postpartum until you are pregnant with the next one" and seeing as we struggle with infertility...I think I will get to use that excuse for a long time.

    All this to say...I am so with you on the not fitting into anything. I don't want to even get dressed in the morning as I wear the same.3.things.over.and.over. It is bad. And I hate to shop. Which leaves me in a quandry...that sounds like least I have less of that do.

    I love the dress though and you are a lot closer to me to ever fitting into something like that! :)

  7. Oh my, your baby is killing me with her cuteness. You're definitely still postpartum. I plan on referring to myself as postpartum until I reach menopause, maybe even beyond.

    I'm sure you'll fit into that beautiful dress soon, but in the meantime you're still a gorgeous mama!

  8. That dress is gorgiosio. I had a birthday and a baby this past year as well. Would you like my address?? ;)

    That Mary girl is too dang much. Oh my goodness.

  9. I feel your post partum pain... Scored the.most.awesome.$6.goodwill.dress EVER! No need to try it on, cuz I eyeballed it and I'm good like that, only I forgot about this muffin top :(

    But then you see those chubby baby rolls and at least you know you're in good company... And you have someone to blame it on ;)

  10. #1 - At least you got dressed for your Thanksgiving dinner! HAHA I never got dressed until I went shopping yesterday!

  11. That dress is so beautiful! I'm sorry it doesn't fit. I had never heard of that retailer, some great stuff on there so thank you for mentioning it!

  12. I have a black lace skirt that is full and twirly and looks really good with the Buffalo Exchange bright blue cashmere sweater that I got last time I was in Portland. It is now my go-to fancy pants outfit.

    For Thanksgiving, I wore a midnight blue dress that I got for free from a friend who was getting rid of some clothes (I scored big time!!!!!!). The only picture of me wearing shows me with my mouth open whilst shoveling food into my gaping maw. Not going to show that picture on the internet any time soon, no sirree!

  13. Love the dress! If nothing else it does look great as room decor... As far as the post-partum size issues, I decided the camera will actually shed 10+ lbs. if you are photographed standing next to someone significantly large than yourself. Viola! Thanks to feeling less post-partum-y!

  14. Definitely still post-partum. 9 months to grow a baby, 9 months to get back to normal.....!! You can do it - the dress will fit soon!

  15. Dress is gorgeous. You'll get into it soon. And then you'll get pregnant that night.
    Oh wait. That's how it happens around HERE. Sorry.


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