Friday, November 09, 2012

7 Quick Takes: Office Space and Small Business

You already know how I like to try and get Gymboree clothes for free, because I'm a cheapskate like that, right?  And that I gets cray cray bargains from Goodwill in a seemingly magical way (just put "goodwill" in the searchbar on the right.  I can't even link to all the smokin' deals we've scored there), yes?  Well this year, for Christmas, besides the free gymbo clothes and the smokin' Goodwill deals, I'm going to try and buy my gifty gifts from small, independent businesses- like mamas with Etsy shops and that lady with the knick-knack store who also sells cloth diapering stuff.  And yes, try and do it on the cheap at the same time.  It may mean fewer (but better!) gifts, but I'm cool with that.
See, I was inspired yesterday by this post enticingly entitled You can be president today!, written in the spirit of "no politician should ever be considered our savior and WE are the ones who must bring light and love to the world".  That's a real spirit, trust me.  A challenging, beautiful, get-off-your-butts spirit.  And supporting your friends personally during this season is one way to live this spirit in your life.

Speaking of which, not a single link to shops in my sidebar is a paid sponsorship.  Those all belong to actual people I know and love.  And if you are someone I know and love who has your own small business and would like to put a button in my "shop with my friends" section for the next two months let me know.  It costs Free Ninety-Free.

So if you know of a shop or have a shop that would provide me with hours of perusing enjoyment as I track down fab treats for my 5 children and husband and anyone else who's (un)lucky enough to have me as their secret Santa giver person, pop it in the comments, okey dokey?

Subject change!

If you haven't guessed that I love stupid comedies...welcome!  You must be new here! 

Oh yes, Office Space is easily in my top 10, perhaps top 5, movies of all time.  And guess what?  Glory of glories, it's on Cari's list too!  Which means there's only one thing to do:

Live Tweet Viewing Next Friday night.  Hashtag (duh) #OfficeSpace

Put it on your calendars, peeps.  Time TBD.

What?  You don't wanna stare at your screen watching us type out lines from a movie that either you a) already know by heart or b) have never even heard of?  Well why don't you join in then????  That's right- Netflix, baby!

Awesome graphic Donaldson style coming soon, but you go ahead and collect your costumes and props and memorize your favorite lines and craft meme-style photos to share, okay?  Okay.  

I'm excited!

Unrelated but hilarious video for your viewing pleasure...

Mucho thanksos to Housewifespice for this little gem :)

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 195)

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  1. I can't wait! I'll come up with stuff soon.

    1. PRIZES!!!! This is gonna be epic.

      Am I too old to say "epic"?

    2. And I thought spending time with my husband would get top billing next Friday night. No chance of that happening now!!!!
      ...if they try to take my stapler, I'll set the building on fire.

  2. "PC Load Letter? What the $%&* does THAT mean?"

  3. At my weight watchers job we have to wear no less than three "pieces of flair" as I call them, which always makes my awesome boss laugh her ass off.

    Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta.

  4. Again, Dwija, a thousand million forty gazillion infinity thanks for putting New Jerusalem Workshop on your sidebar! Eventually, we'll have a real website, but for now, it is a good way for folks to connect with us! Love to you!

  5. Hey! I love your gifting idea! I am trying to go more and more that way,too. PLEASE!!! Check out for the absolutest best accessory to bathing since, I don't know, water! My kids each have one and not only do they love them and feel cozy, comfy, deliciously luxurious in them, but it keeps down on the towel laundry cause they all know which towel is theirs and it is a known sin to use another's towelhoodie.

    Best of all, they are lovingly handmade by a designing mama, right there in Michigan! There is even a video on youtube for them here:

  6. "It's not crack or nothin', but it's still pretty bad." I loved that. Loved.

  7. I've got another one for isn't mine, but it is my beloved's. And I'm thinking your kids might be into the fun loving time that is Pint Size Polkas! Yes, my husband does play the accordion for a living. And is so blessed to do so...he discovered his passion at age 5 and a few years ago we were able to help him transition into doing it full time. And I'm a lucky girl and stay home with our three little ones! Uncle Mike (as he is known) travels all over the country playing libraries in the summer (11 states and 150 shows last summer) and educates and entertains while doing it. Check out for everything you'd want to know about him and his music! And there is a funny YouTube video for the Jolly Lumber Jack polkas on there that we recorded one day before I gave birth to our oldest!

    And not sucking up or anything, but I so love the way you put things. I almost always laugh after reading your post...unless you are making me cry like you did with Mary's birth story! I seriously can still tear up just thinking about you offering up your labor for babies never allowed to be born and then pushing her out...amazing.


    1. Love this, Heather! The cd's look so fun. My kids really, really love to dance. Might have to add one to someone's list :)

  8. Dwija - loved the VVS PSA - they should play those in school so that the next generation of videographers don't have to suffer as we do - the best part of the video though was when I clicked on the pic of John Goodman and it linked to a video clip of him in "Raising Arizona" - HILARIOUS movie!! - thank you for again providing me with my entertainment for the day - have a great weekend, Jen

  9. I think a red Swingline stapler would make an awesome Christmas gift.

  10. I have "Damn It Feels to be a Gangster" on my iPod for when I'm stuck in traffic!

  11. ^ Damn It Feels Good to be a Gangster

    Typing on my phone, sorry

  12. I helped my mom shop online a couple years ago and made her choose only from items on etsy. it was awesome!!! shoul di tell you what i want now???

  13. Take 2: Wow, incredibly true and something we should have all kept in mind *during* the election. Sometimes we all could do a better job of bringing light to the world.

    Not sure if you'd find anything for people on your Christmas list here, but I do have an Etsy shop:

  14. You are super awesome, supporting fellow mamas.
    (psst, I have new little business, though it's not for shopping, I'll email you!)

  15. Lots of hits at the Camp today from House Unseen. Thank You and Love You Dweej!

    PS, Office Space is in my fav movie list too :) But I've never been to a twitter party before. What should I wear?

  16. Ok, I'm starting to sense a theme... Going simple, buying from small business-owners, buying less but more special things. I think maybe we need to do a linky-link soon so everyone can link up with all their favorite businesses and holiday shopping ideas.

    And I do mean soon, because I'm in Korea and needs to get me some gifts soon. You're not too busy with all your little ones, right? Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

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