Monday, November 19, 2012

I'm gettin' too old for this grown-up business

And then I was all "you're what...?"

And he was all "I'm throwing up!"

And I was all "Wait!  Where are you?"

That's how my Monday Before Thanksgiving started.  Yes, that's today.

But where have I been all weekend???? I don't even know.  A nighttime holiday parade, a nativity performance rehearsal, an accidental super awesome all day/all night dinner/scrabble party at a friend's house*. 

Why yes, I did win, thank you very much for asking (!!!!**).

But then this morning I awakened (awoke?) to the sound of a gagging 5 year old boy, miraculously already kneeling in front of the toilet (!!!!**).  He want to hear more about vomit, don't you? puke an additional 7 times into a metal mixing bowl.

I am a wreck.  The house is a wreck.  Our schedule is a wreck.  And I didn't even post what I wore yesterday for the Sunday link-up!  Now how will you ever know that I paired chandelier earrings with a khaki skirt with surprisingly not-schizophrenic results?  Sigh.  You won't.  But you will know that I tried on THREE other outfits first that all got thrown into the "don't fit yet" pile which made me want to punch someone.  My husband was closest.

Sorry, honey.

Anyway, mostly I'm writing all of this to avoid doing my chores.  Someday, when I'm grown-up, I'm sure I'll quit doing foolish things like this.  But until then  let's watch this, shall we?  Yes we shall.

(I love Mayim Bialik)

*sorry we left your house such a mess.  I always say that, yet we keep doing it.  Gold star friend right here!
**jazz hands

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  1. We did have some fun didn't we? ;) I blame my scrabble loss on too many tasty beverages. I believe a rematch is in order at some point when we have fully recovered. Poor Paul. :( hope he feels better soon. No more worrying about messes! Honestly woman! Need I remind you about the playdough in the carpet we left at your house? And also: your outfit was super cute yesterday and made me wish I owned a knee length khaki skirt. And awesome brown boots.

  2. Okay, I have GOT to share that video! Love it!

    And sorry about the puke. If I were your neighbor I'd have your non-sick kids come over and play for awhile to give you a break.

  3. That was HILARIOUS. The video...not the vomit recap. Sorry 'bout the vomitous 5 year old, but YAY for making it to the toilet! It's the small things.

  4. Love the flash mob thanks for posting! I hope that the sickness is quarantined and doesn't make it's way through the entire family (that is what usually happens over here!)

  5. Puke in the toilet and the mixing bowl????? I think your day sounds awesome!!! At least, any day i am not cleaning a bodily fluid off the floor or furniture is a good one in my book :)

  6. So, I was having a bad day today and I almost posted on your wall asking you to share something funny. And then you read my mind!

  7. OH my gosh this just made my day. Bazinga!!!

    Somebody help the older white men stage left... :)

    ...why am I so mean???

  8. I LOVE Big Bang Theory and Mayim Bialik. Thanks so much for posting! May the puking be confined to only one child and only today!

  9. Someone posted that video on FB last week and I laughed hysterically! My children have since watched is a gazillion times. Because it's just that awesome. As is the show. Our fave. Hope everyone is well by Thanksgiving!!

  10. It is astounding to me, simply astounding, how much I can get accomplished on other tasks while trying to avoid chores !

  11. He made it to the toilet?!? You are super-mom. I always suspected, and now I know it to be true. Poor Paul! How's he doin' now?

  12. Love Big Bang Theory! Don't love puke, though. Containment is good, and I hope everyone's feeling better soon!

  13. That is too funny.

    Oh puke. Yuck. I'd do jazz hands too if my kids made it to the toilet. I currently only have one that can accomplish that, and it's my 4 yr old...

    I teach my babies to do jazz hands when they're really young because it's hilarious. You should teach Mare Bear :)

    1. I've kept this comment in my inbox since November to remind myself to come back and say "This is hilarious!"

  14. Aw, poor puking child! I think vomiting is the worst. Even for adults. Get better soon Paul!


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