Thursday, November 22, 2012

What I Wore to Thanksgiving Dinner

Every day I be shufflin'...

That song is totally stuck in my head.  Fair?  Certainly not.  But now it's stuck in your head too.  Welcome, my miserable company!  I like you!

So Gracey McGracerson (She said I could call her that) (No she didn't) (sorry for lying to you) (I'm on my third glass of wine) (not really) (Okay fine, really) had this fab idea to have us all post pics of ourselves in our Turkey-giving finery and since so many people would be doing it, we wouldn't feel guilty about not waxing poetic about all the glorious glory that fills every nook and cranny of our lives.  Which it does, of course.  Especially this Ginormous Rooster wine or whatever it's called.

So I forced my husband to snap some photos out in our unseasonably warm weather today (have I been saying that all year?  Warm and toasty up in here, y'all) and not a single one of them turned out.  So I'm going to show them ALL to you!  Because what's better than one stinktastical photo? Yes!  Six stinktastical photos!

actually sinking into the mud.  notice heel of left foot...

time to sass someone for something barn related. notice left heel completely immersed in mud.

"oh! you're taking them? let me pose. after I take a drink."

"you guys, I was serious about the dog.  what the heck???"

"really?  behind the clothesline?  good times."

sun glare obscures 3/4 of facial features

Stretchy black cami- some boutique-y store somewhere in '06.  I wear it throughout all pregnancies and all non-pregnancies.  It is magical.  And long.  Mostly long.

Black dress- same little shop in Bordeaux, the day I bought those short boots from a couple of weeks ago

Leggings with uber 80's esqe ankle zipper- gifted

Accessories time!

Grey peep-toe pumps- a shop at the mall in Temecula that was pretending to be Forever 21 but was not Forever 21 in '08

Black chandelier earrings and bracelet- plastic.  Probably Claire's or NY&Co. Probably bogo for $6. Been sportin' since '02.

That's all, folks.  Sweet potato pie with a hugegantical serving of whipped cream accompanied by a big ol' mug of coffee (definitely not spiked with kahlua) is calling my name.  How weird is it that my food talks to me?

Now go see Grace and all the other lovely ladies-not-lumps!

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  1. ha. first audible chuckle of my day. and now I am VERY thirsty ... and so is the baby. don't mind if I do.

    and thank you for reminding me that I have a matching pair o leggings -- I love the zipper action.

    thanks for joining in and I hope you guys are having a super awesome day -- Im sure you are with the wine and chef hubby and the wine. and I guess your kids -- just a little.

  2. I think I'll be skipping this one, I'm taking care of my stomach flu ridden family this thanksgiving in black corduroy pants and a black and grey stretchy nursing shirt. It actually kinda matches, but I'm not up for pics. :-/

  3. You're beautiful!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Hot stuff!!!!!
    The glass of wine makes all ok. Wine totally does me in. After three glasses Im needing wheelchair assistance.
    I totally was listening to Jessica Simpson and Destiny's Child...serious music for serious kitchen work. Yes that makes me ridiculously young. Whatever. I own it. Love the outfit. I'm totally blue jean and t-shirt. Ok I put on dangly pearls (yes, Im from Louisiana. I own that too.) but the flip flops are on my feet.
    Happy Wine and merry making in a thankful way !

  5. Love the outfit, the wine glass and especially the heel in the mud. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Hurray for leggings! My favorite alternative to tights!

    1. Also excellent for the post-dinner waist expansion procedure.

    2. Ack! Love it. The outfit of course and the "post-dinner waist expansion procedure". Would have LOL'd at this but that would have woken the minions, oh wait, I mean darling children, one of whom is only sleeping fitfully at best (if at all actually) and the other who talks/yells in her sleep and wakes the (non) sleeping one up periodically. Good times, good times. Happy thanksgiving!

  7. Love it! I think the outtakes are great. I should have taken my pics with a glass of wine...

  8. Well your heel may be covered in mud but those peep toes are simply sassiful! Half my outtakes involve juvenile correction as well. My evening cup o joe had just a tiny gallon of Baily's -- I figured it counters the caffine so I can't sleep...right? AND you've totally got me digging through my closet for some zipper-garnished pants!

  9. Love those earrings. Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. I CANNOT have the song in my head when you plant the wrong words into it! Everyday I'M shuffling! Looking good post-Mary chicka.

  11. That is serious dedication to heels. I hate the sinking in mud action. I love heels, but I hate mud. Such a complicated life. Fabulous outfit. And yea wine.

  12. LOL at your insistence on the heels IN THE MUD!! Now, I too will be singing and dancing to that song in my sleep. thanks.

  13. Juuuust now catching up on all my blogs. I want to have Thanksgiving (but mostly wine) with you soon, k? K!

  14. you have to have been the the most fashionably comfy of us all on thanksgiving...very smart! especially love the accessories shots. i'm too much of a chicken/plain jane to wear accessories of any kind so i'm jealous! :)

  15. the favorite. well, second to the wine glass in hand. i will be back here!!

    found you on Patton, fyi.



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