Friday, November 16, 2012

7 Quick Takes: That Crusty Sweater likes to PAR-TAY

So earlier in the week, I made mention  of my crusty sweater of atrociousness.  You know, the one you (I) can't give up because you (I) bought it so long ago that it remembers all the fooly foolish things you've (I've) ever done even better than you (I) do?  Yeah.  

Well, as it turns out, many of you darling readers are roughly my age (imagine that) and also subscribe to the Adore a Nasty Cardi school of fashion obsession.  Specifically, Lisa of All Things Gale, who somehow challenged me, I don't really know how it happened, to write all 7 Quick Takes today about that gross thing.  And I said:

Hah!  I'm already on take 3!  Anyway, remember when I used to have nice, smooth, straight hair?  And as long as I hit it with the blow dryer it would looked like I just stepped out of a salon?  Mmmmmhmmmmm, yes ma'am- wore the cardi then, too...
This was our rental back in CA.  Before most of you knew me!  And look, I'm wearing that necklace from 2 Sundays ago!

What's that you say?  You want a better view of the crustiness?



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Clearly made of the finest materials.  Exquisite craftsmanship to be sure.

With not one but TWO WHOLE POCKETS.  Perfect for toting cigarettes binkies vessels of holy water.  Remind me to tell you about having too much champagne at my mom's best friend's house the New Years Eve that I was 16 and how I wore this sweater to "go for a walk" over some enormous hedges and into the middle of a lawn.  At 2 a.m.

Hey do you know when else I'll be wearing the Cardi of Nast?  Tonight!  During the #OfficeSpace twitter party!

 Instead of 7 takes about a sweater, Cari did 7 takes about the par-tay.  Check it!  And join us!

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  1. HAAAAAAAAAAAHHAAAA!!!!!! I keep expecting your sweater to try and make out with a gay guy while falling in love with your stepbrother at the same time!!! I'm dying over here. It's so fa-reakin' awesome. I remember right after Clueless came out when they tried to marry grunge with 90's chic. *Sigh*...It was a good era...

  2. You look fab. Old habits die hard. Are you saying I should get rid of my pink old navy t-shirt with holes in the arms? I'm having a hard time parting...

  3. Well, Ms. Pacesetter, I will need to create a rocking cardigan ensemble for Sunday to keep pace with you. Will miss tweeting tonight, WAH! I'm going to randomly break into Office Space quotes at practice just to keep the director on her toes.

    1. You're going to be at play practice at 10 o'clock in the p.m.? What the heck! So unfair.

    2. Yeah, if you volunteer for this parish fundraiser, you're pretty much agreeing to forgo your family and all other socialization for the duration of the production. So even if I was at home, my husband would probably want to be spending time with me or something.

  4. LOL!! I love how nice it looks in the early picture and then the ones now it's all flat. Hilarious.

    I can't believe it's not in worse shape, though. I can't seem to get more than a year or so out of any of my stuff. Except for a Dior sweater that I got at a 2nd hand store about 12 years ago, when I was thin and I SWAM in it, so it was my BIG COMFY SWEATER, but now it's just my IT FITS PERFECTLY sweater and is holding up fine. It's fun to own designer stuff, even if it was $4 at a thrift shop.

    whoa. end ramble.

    1. nvm on the end ramble. i wish I could watch Office Space with you tonight, but I don't have Netflix right now! We're trying to switch over to Amazon Prime, but it's a lot of money upfront, so we have to wait for the holiday moolah to come in. lol I'll try to tune into the Twitter party, though.

  5. I think I might see your nasty cardi and raise you one... while pregnant with my second, I wore my mom's acrylic nasty cardi... a maternity one she bought when pregnant with me. Talk about crusty!

  6. What about crusty high school letter jackets? Anyone else have one of those hanging in your closet? I'm about to move again and am doing another big purge, but I can't seem to get rid of this thing! And it's not even leather but some kind of plasticky stuff! (Did you know plasticky is a real word on autocorrect?). I have also held onto a white polo with a rainbow collar from high school. Pretty sure it's a mens shirt. I once wore it unknowingly during gay pride week, with my rainbow WWJD bracelet. I can't let it go. It's a real Ralph Lauren polo! Then there's the closet full of crusty high school and college t-shirts; wonder how long those will survive! I mean can you wear a prom t-shirt to bed when you're 50?

  7. THAT"s crusty? Sister, you ain't seen crusty. :)

  8. WAIT! Hold up! You wore this sweater when you were sixteen??? And you can STILL wear it?? I think I'm a whole lot jealous right now.


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