Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Artistic Achievement Revealed

You know what makes for fab blog content?  Two posts in a row about the same exact thing. Oh yes, I read it somewhere.  Trust me.

Remember last night's minorish meltdown?  Prepare yourself to be impressed by the work of artistic genius created in this casita...

Astounded?  Amazed?  Insanely jealous of the 31 people who will be receiving one of these meticulous, quality "ornaments" in the mail?  I know.

Okay, quit reading blogs and go bake those dang pies!

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  1. They look really lovely! And my pies were already kindly baked by a lovely lady named Marie Callender. I'm spoiled, I know, but it's tradition! I did just whip up our Cranberry Salad and will be making my make ahead mashed potatoes next. Happy Thanksgiving! Give those little sweatshop workers and extra scoop of whipped cream!

    1. They really did almost ALL the work. I'm more of know...supervisor.

    2. We all have our talents! If I allowed my children to use a glue gun, I would have had mine doing all my work. But dang, I can't even operate it without getting second degree burns!

  2. Those are gorgeous! I especially love the color-combo. That red is an amazing pop against the blue.

  3. Lovely! Love the color. Your girls did a fab job! I think I made a critical error. I'm using glitter. Not glitter glue. Loose glitter. What was I thinking?

  4. I think they turned out very nice. Last night's pile o' felt turned into today's pile o' lovely ornaments. And I agree that the red ribbon is a nice touch.

    By the way...How did you know I am supposed to be baking pies right now!?!

  5. They look really nice. Good job! I'm done with baking after insanely deciding that it would be a good idea to bake three desserts from scratch. Now it's time to relax and enjoy the next few days with the family and hand,foot and mouth disease baby. Cooking holiday dinners is my husband's thing. No one wants me "cooking" a holiday dinner. LOL!

  6. Blah. Must. Bake. Pies. I'd rather make some ornaments!

  7. I made a million (okay, okay...four. IT SEEMED LIKE A MILLION) pies today. Seriously - I'd rather have glitter everywhere than have been hand cutting butter and shortening into my flours to make the blasted gluten-free pies. My toddler ran up to me in the midst of my hands being covered in shortening/butter/flour mixture saying, "Mommy I gotta pee!!! I need my pants pulled down." The fact that he can pull his pants down himself is no matter here since I HAD to do it for him at that present moment. Why am I saying this? Oh yeah...the two glasses of wine I had to forget about aforementioned toddler/pie/peeing catastrophe. Where was I going with all this? OH YEAH! LOVE LOVE LOVE the ornaments. BTW - me and last minute are tight too. I work better under pressure. At least that's what I keep telling everyone...

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