Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Telmaj- A Book Review

A few weeks ago, Charlotte from Waltzing Matilda brought joy and happiness and peace to our lives by sending us a copy of her sister-in-law's new book The Telmaj.  What with five kids who love stories (I'm making assumptions about the baby here), two of whom are in the target range for the book, it made for the perfect gift that keeps on giving.  Katie, the resident bibliophile (I hope that word means what I think it means), snatched it up and read it in two days.

So I made her write this post.  Aren't you proud of me?

The Telmaj
By Erin Manning
The Telmaj is a story that takes place in outer space. It starts with Smijj, the main character, who since childhood has been able to go places just thinking about them, nearly being caught stealing a valuable statue. He works his way out of that situation easy enough.

His whole future is decided by choosing to eat lunch in a restaurant filled with old people.  Mar, an elderly lady inside, asks him to carry her tray for her. He is asked to help with her and her crew’s work being intergalactic mail carriers.

After the day’s work, without meaning to, Smijj reappears on the mail ship. He learns that he is not human, after all, but a Telmaj from the planet Telmaja, where Telmajs are being turned into slaves for the universal government.
He is put into slavery soon after being recognized as a Telmaj. Almost nobody had ever escaped from a Unified Government ship. Why should Smijj be any different?

I like the true-to-life characters and the truths staring boldly from the page about how every life has a  meaning, shown discretely through the topic of slavery. A great book for ages 8 to 14.   


This girl loves her fantasy and adventure books, so she is one to be trusted when it comes to this genre.  Also, proud mom moment, do you love how perceptive she is? I know!

Christmas is coming, friends.  And if you've made a small business pledge, purchasing this book supports a newly published author and her big dreams, one small volume at a time.  Plus, it's the first book in a wholesome, exciting series, which gives you excellent lazy considerate gift options for the future.  Win-win!

The Telmaj

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  1. Oh, thank you! And please tell Katie I thank her very much, too, for her thoughtful and well-written review!


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  3. Well, I'm intrigued! I'm going to get this book! Thanks, Katie. :-)


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