Saturday, November 03, 2012

Homeschooling Dorkiness in Poetry Form

For Halloween, my 11 year old dressed up as a mad scientist. She doesn't really go for all that girly stuff, I guess...

So the next day, which was The Feast of All Saints, I asked her to do a bit of research about any saint who was a scientist and then write a little story or prayer or poem about him or her.  That's yer combo religious ed/history/language arts class right there, yessireebob.

Now go ahead and call me a dorky goober of a mother, but I just lovey love love loved her poem so much that I says to myself I says "Self, you should post that on your blog.  She would lovey love love that more than you lovey love love the poem!"  So I'm doing it.  Enjoy!

St. Albert the Great

There once was a scientist
In the Middle Ages.
His father was a count,
But he didn't want servants and pages

He joined the Dominican order
Around the age of twenty.
His family disapproved
But God's approval was plenty.

Albert studied theology
In Bologna and other places.
He studied academic teachings
And won lots of debates-es

Albert became a bishop,
He was a scientist and chemist.
Canonized in 1622,
The devil was his nemesis.

I wuv her.

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  1. Replies
    1. Right??? She cracks me up. Love how she just took that poetic license and ran with it ;)

  2. She's a Poet and she knows it, and now we all know it too! I think she deserves a weekly column. That's awesome!

  3. The debates-es totally got me too! I loved how she rhymed chemist with nemesis. I totally see that. What a smart young woman! Keep it comin' girl!

  4. The way your blog page displayed showed your 11 yr old pictured just to left from your wonderful (?) picture. The apple doesn't fall.... (But she made me smile too )

  5. Please don't propagate the disempowering stereotype that only males are scientists. Science is one of the best creative arts. I am a scientist and I was fortunate not to be stifeled as my other female classmates had, their stories were horrible. Your daughter sounds amazing! The world is her's
    I followed this link after my mother posted it. ;-)

  6. Great poem and such fun. You go girl scientists!

  7. But God's approval was plenty. That's all you need to read and then say, "I'm raising this girl right."

  8. LOVE the poem, the costume, and your brilliant homework assignment!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!


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